How to improve the autonomy of Nexus 5?

How to improve the autonomy of Nexus 5?

Before you start …

On the Google Nexus range, the battery capacity of smartphones has never been very crazy. Nexus 5 – the norm when mobile phones were marketed – was quickly overtaken by competition. With a notch of 5 inches in Full-HD (1080 x 1920 pixels), it is true that the 2300 mAh are just.

Inside the mobile operating system of Android, there are some features – active by default – that consume a quantity of additional resources. And this, while it would be enough simply to deactivate them to alleviate the load system and thus to improve the endurance of the Nexus 5. In itself, it is easy to implement.

Note: These tips can also serve many other Android devices.

turn off the automatic brightness management

It's bt, but this small setting can change many things about the autonomy of your Nexus 5. By disabling the option "Adaptation of brightness" in the display settings, you will prevent the ambient light sensor from Check the light density of the environment around you and then reduce the demand for resources.

android google nexus 5 upgrade battery life image 00
Automatic brightness management is not a good deal for the Nexus 5. Battery

When pulling the bar of tat (located in front of screen), do not forget to adapt the brightness according to your needs. On the one hand, it will avoid you to break your eyes (waking or couch) and on the other hand it will extend the autonomy of your Nexus 5. You think maybe it's nothing, but it is already a step for the small battery of the device.

To find these two options, you must:

  • Pull the status bar down> Click on the mechanical wheel at the top right> then go to the "Display" menu

Shorten the interruption time of the screen

Located in the display settings, the auto-sleep feature of the screen (after so much time) is also energy-consuming. As a result, we strongly recommend that you set the option lower. Here, a scale of 15 seconds with the extinction of the screen is the minimum and it is very good for the Nexus 5.

android google nexus 5 upgrade battery life image 01
If you can reduce the interrupt time, do it. AndroidPIT

To access this option, you must also:

  • Pull the status bar down> Click on the mechanical wheel at the top right> then "Display"

Turn on the battery saver

Interestingly, many people do not know about the battery saver in the Nexus 5. In mobility, this mode becomes laudable because it is able to stand-by several facets of the system.

To be more precise, this battery saver is able to reduce the performance of the Nexus 5, but also to disable the vibrator, location services and most of the data in the background.

android google nexus 5 upgrade battery life image 02
The battery saver is very useful in some cases. AndroidPIT

Next, it will also cut email, such as SMS / MMS and other applications that use synchronization. These will only be updated if you open them.

To find this option, go to:

  • Pull the status bar down> Click on the battery symbol at the top right> then the three small dots in the battery window and "battery saver"

Disable unused connectivity (Bluetooth, Localization, etc.)

For example, if you do not have the use of Bluetooth or GPS Location, you do not need to turn them on. Why ? For the simple reason that it is a process that consumes energy in the background. You can dye it completely or reduce the energy consumption using the options.

android google nexus 5 upgrade battery life image 07
Turning off or switching to energy saving mode also helps improve battery life. AndroidPIT

To disable these options, simply:

  • Pull the status bar> then click on the desired one (s) to deactivate it

Among the options to be wary of, there is: the Bluetooth that runs in the background if it is lit, the location that uses the GPS and can sometimes be better managed (among three options available), but also Wi-Fi (the 2.4 GHz frequency band is less energy efficient than 5 GHz) and the always available search function must be deactivated. At least, it's not good on the Nexus 5 because it consumes sleep.

android google nexus 5 upgrade battery life image 03
A 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network Is Less Exciting Than A 5 GHz For The Nexus 5. AndroidPIT

If you have any questions about the power consumption of the NFC, I would say that it is nil. Indeed, the NFC is – as it is – a dormant feature that wakes up only when a transfer is made. The rest of the time, it is considered as hue, so non-consumer. It is therefore useless to dye it.

dye the extra sound effects

Within the sounds and notifications settings, you can find a sub-menu called Other sounds. In this one are offered some options rather gadgets that are not necessarily essential in everyday life. There are Keyboard Tones, Screen Lock Sounds, Key Sounds and Vibrate Touch that consume.

android google nexus 5 upgrade battery life image 04
Do not clutter your Nexus 5 with things you do not need, if that's the case. AndroidPIT

If we take the example of the Sounds of Screen Lock, we must assume that every time you lock and unlock your Nexus 5, a sound effect is played. Now imagine that you unlock and re-lock your mobile 50 times a day. I let you imagine the effects on autonomy.

android google nexus 5 upgrade battery life image 06
Try to expand the timing of your applications, if you can. AndroidPIT

Another little tip for social networking applications. We advise you to set the range of alerts interval to the widest, because these are generally configures at the shortest … In summary, the application makes a check of new alerts every 5 minutes … while all 1, 2 or 4 hours would be sufficient.

Keep your Nexus 5 day, it's important

On the end of things, the last tip I would give you is to keep your Android smartphone day. With the arrival of Lollipop (Android 5.0+), Google's mobile OS has seen its resource management improved, thanks to an even deeper optimization of the system. On the side of Nexus 5, the estimate is vague, but there is still talk of a significant gain of about 10 15% autonomy between KitKat and Lollipop. Not bad.

android google nexus 5 upgrade battery life image 05
An update can improve the autonomy. Keep this in memory. AndroidPIT

Again, the version of Android 5.0 Lollipop – just like the KitKat 4.4 – is not perfect since it profiles some memory leaks that drain the battery of Android devices without the knowledge of the user. Fortunately, Google has announced a correction of this problem that should take place for the arrival of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: up to 3x more standby time

Speaking of which, the Nexus 5, like the Nexus 6 and 9, now benefits from an experimental version of Android Mr. Appele Developer Preview, this new Android letter is primarily intended for advanced users, and other interested and hunters Bugs who want to help Google in its quest for the Holy Grail.

android m battery battery autonomy test felt reviews images 01
Do not pay attention to the part where the curve goes down, I was playing Hearthstone. Apart from that, the Nexus 5 takes the role of a real little nomad thanks to this very good standby. AndroidPIT

as myself owner of a Nexus 5, I could test and test the version of Android M day by day. If I can afford to put forward a first opinion, this one is only positive after having noticed that the autonomy of my Nexus 5 had considerably increased when it was on standby. A development that deserves to be emphasized, seeing that it enhances the experience in mobility thanks to prolonged endurance.

Findings that were confirmed by the blog of Greenbot, the latter was up to establish a comparative graph, in which he explains and compares the behavior of the battery standby. In the end, the results revealed that a Nexus 5 installed on Android M was up to 3 times longer on battery than a Nexus 5 installed on the latest version officially released Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Can we still talk about revolution?

android m nexus 5 vs nexus android lollipop table table battery battery autonomy greenbot edit by tony balt image 01
In details, here is the evolution of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Android M on a Nexus 5. Greenbot

Again, let's hope that the manufacturers do not take advantage of this evolution by weighing down the system with other processes in the background on their mobile devices … When we see a, it is true that it can sound like a small eldorado in the ears of some. Obviously, this is a real feat on Google's part. Now, we only have to see if the other devices will benefit from such a significant gain.

On your side, do you have other tips to share the community?

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