How to improve the autonomy of Galaxy S9 and S9 +

How to improve the autonomy of Galaxy S9 and S9 +

After testing Samsung's new high-end smartphones for 2018, it's clear that the battery is not their strong point. That's why we present this guide to save the battery of the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, the fastest options to absolute control of energy consumed by the smartphone.

We have organized the various settings from the simplest and fastest (which allow large energy savings) up to more detailed, adjusting the settings of applications to pull the life of the battery to the maximum. If you're looking for more information, we've also published an article about tips and tricks for the Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

Definition, time and brightness of the screen

To improve the economy of the S9 and S9 +, the first thing to do is to reduce the consumption of the screen. The easiest way is to reduce the brightness or at least set it to automatic mode, reduce the delay before the screen becomes inactive and reduce the resolution of the display.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 battery tips 01
Three parameters that save a lot of battery. AndroidPIT

These three options can be adjusted in the notch section of the parameter menu: brightness / brightness, resolution (HD + consumes less) and screen time (15 seconds).

Disable Always On Screen

After our battery test, we can quantify the resource consumption of this option. After one day of use, the Always On screen consumes between 6% and 10% of the S9 and S9 + battery. To disable this option, go to Settings> Screen Lockout and Security> Always On Screen. Once off, let's hope you do not turn on the screen every 5 minutes to watch the time, as it will consume more battery power than the Always On!

Limit automatic connections

The latest generation smartphones offer an option to turn on Wi-Fi when we are near a known network. This is a convenient option, but consumes significantly more battery than activating the WiFi manually. To disable this option, it is best to search for it directly in the settings menu by entering Enable WiFi automatically in the search bar.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 battery tips 02
Enabling WiFi constantly consumes a lot of energy. AndroidPIT

MED energy saving mode

Two power saving options are offered by Samsung on the S9 and S9 +: MED mode and MAX mode, which we can activate quickly. The first allows average power savings, and can offer a few extra hours of autonomy without sacrificing the interesting features of the smartphone. My ideal configuration for this mode is:

  • Using secondary networks: activ
  • Always On screen: dsactiv
  • Speed ​​limiter: dsactiv
  • Reduce brightness: -10%
  • Definition: FHD +
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 battery tips 03
Moderate daily savings. AndroidPIT

MAX power saving mode

The second mode of energy saving is more radical, and can save 5 or 6 hours of battery, or more by deactivating a maximum of options! This mode aims to extend as much as possible the autonomy of the device, even if you want to cross many functions. The best settings for this mode are:

  • Using secondary networks: disabled
  • Always On screen: dsactiv
  • Speed ​​limiter: dsactiv
  • Reduce brightness: -10%
  • Definition: FHD +
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 battery tips 04
Maximum savings for long days. AndroidPIT

Put apps to sleep

Some applications consume energy even in the background. The Galaxy S9 and S9 + automatically warn us by a notification of applications that consume the most energy. From this notification, it is possible to close the process in the background so that it stops consuming energy.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 battery tips 05
Be careful with the most demanding applications. AndroidPIT

Thorough control of application consumption

If you want even more control over applications, there are two additional options. The first (and fastest) is to go to the settings menu, in the battery section. Below energy saving modes, you can see the applications that consume the most battery. Select the ones you want to modify and press repair: the selected apps will be closed and will disappear from the multitask. Below the list, two additional options are called unsupervised applications and still inactive applications. It may be good to take a quick step to identify the applications in these categories.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 battery tips 06
You can select many applications in one go. AndroidPIT

You can also go directly to the application settings to adjust their battery consumption (in the list accessible in Settings> Applications). If necessary, it is possible to put the app in the list of optimized applications.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 battery tips 07
Limit activity in the background. AndroidPIT

Restricting data usage in the background

Even if we do not see it, the use of 4G in the background by the applications consumes energy. In the information of each application, a category is dedicated to mobile data. You can limit the use of data for each application.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 battery tips 08
Limit the use of data by applications. AndroidPIT

Do you know any other tips and tricks to increase the economy of the S9 or S9 +?

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