How to hide keywords to stop being spoiled on Twitter?

How to hide keywords to stop being spoiled on Twitter?

You are closely following a new series and you fear that you will be spoiler the story on Twitter? To avoid this, it is possible to configure your account so that tweets containing certain keywords are not displayed in your thread.

The handling, very simple, is accessible in a few minutes, and can be implemented both from the Twitter web interface and from its iOS and Android mobile applications, where the menus are very similar. Here's how to stop it divulgcher.

1. Enter the parameters

Go to your Twitter account, click on the button More (web) or on your avatar (mobile application) and access the menu Parameters and confidentiality.

2. Access the Confidentiality options

Then enter Confidentiality and security, scroll through the options and then in the section security, click on the menu Masqu.

3. Add a word hide

Then go to Masked words and click on the button + or Add to add a new word ignore.

Then enter a specific word, phrase, nickname or hashtag that you don't want to be displayed. Then choose where you want these words to be hidden, and select From everyone to make sure that all posts containing that word or phrase are hidden from you.

Finally, define the duration of the masking. By default Twitter blocks definitively the words that you indicate to him and validate your preferences by pressing Save.

If you choose this option, you will have to hide them manually to allow them to be displayed again in your feed. Once your filters are created, you should no longer see any tweet containing the selected words displayed in your timeline.