How to have the new features of Android Nougat ds now?

How to have the new features of Android Nougat ds now?

If you have not received the update yet, you do not have the opportunity to test Android Nougat. The update however offers many new interesting features to use. But rest assured, it is already possible to test some of them. Here's how.

Android Nougat offers several new things that you can already start using. There is even an Xposed module dedicated to bringing Android Nougat improvements to all Android Roots smartphones. And if you do not have root yet, there are other alternatives too.

The functions of Android Nougat with Root

The multi-window

Multi-window mode is now a native feature of Android Nougat. However, this is a function that is hidden under Marshmallow that can be easily activated by touching the build.prop file.

androidpit android n funciones 01
Multi-window mode is possible on Android Marshmallow. AndroidPIT

In order to activate the multi-window option, it is necessary to have a smartphone in Android 6.0 Marshmallwow (or higher versions) and that the terminal has been rooted. It is also strongly recommended to install the BuildProp Editor application.

BuildProp Editor
Install on Google Play

  • Open the app or open the build.prop file
  • Look for the line o appears and change his property from wear at userdebug
  • Back up and restart the phone
  • Then enter Settings> Options for developers and activate the option "Multi-window mode"
androidn functions
Enable the multi-window option is possible. AndroidPIT

Xposed AndroidN-ify module

With this module Xposed, you will be able to enjoy a good series of features of Android Nougat. It is thus possible to benefit from the information under the headings of the headings in the Paramtres or the access reminder the last application by double clicking on the key multi-task.

Others are on the way like the menu navigation settings, night mode, information on the lock screen, notifications and quick access.

androidnify french
The functions of Android Nougat with Xposed. AndroidPIT

To get this extension, you need a smartphone running Android 5.0 or higher. You have to install Xposed:

Open the Xposed Installer application and look for the AndroidN-ify extension. You can also download directly from here. Once installed, activate the module in Xposed Installer and reboot your smartphone. And the turn is played.

The functions of Android Nougat without Root

The following features can be obtained with applications that exist on the Google Play Store offering features similar to those offered by Android Nougat. As a result, these features are available for both non-root smartphones and root smartphones.


There are some apps with which we can get an effect a little identical what we have with the multi-window Android Nougat. The resulting effect is halfway between traditional Windows widgets and windows.

Floating Apps Free (multitasking)
Install on Google Play

C Floating
Install on Google Play


With Floatify, you can already get the new way to display Android Nougat notifications. It is possible to respond quickly from the notification itself or to access fast functions.

Floatify Lockscreen
Install on Google Play

Night mode

Night mode is back on Android Nougat. It allows to change the color of the menus, to activate the dark theme, but also to adjust the color and brightness of the screen to adapt the darkness.

The dark theme can not be installed but you can always test applications that reduce the brightness, the blue light …

Install on Google Play

f.lux (preview, root-only)
Install on Google Play

Last application

On Android Nougat, a double tap on the multi-task button will launch the last application used. Easy App Switcher offers a floating button to activate the latest app.

LAS: Last App Switcher
Install on Google Play


Finally, know that you can download the official "Made by Google" screen of Android Nougat. It is a mountainous landscape at sunset.

androidpit android n wallpaper
The official Android Nougat Wallpaper. Google

What do you think of the new features of Android Nougat? Which function do you like the most?

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