How to have the Android Marshmallow functions right now?

How to have the Android Marshmallow functions right now?

Manage application permissions

Are you afraid of the many permissions that are required by a simple application? Fortunately, with Android Marshmallow, this is no longer a problem since it is possible for each application to select and deny permissions in order to keep control, even after downloading. This novelty is a powerful tool to give more importance to our private life.

While waiting for the update, know that it is already possible with Android Lollipop to possess the functionality. To do this, you must have a root smartphone and install the excellent XPrivacy application that offers the same application permissions management.

androidpit scott permissions
With Xprivacy, you can manage application permissions. AndroidPIT

(ROOT) X Privacy Installer
Install on Google Play

Chrome Custom Tabs

Until Android 6.0 Marshmallow, by clicking on a link in an application – such as a link sent to WhatsApp or an email – it automatically opened in your default browser. This was not necessarily very practical because it made load the entire browser.

Chrome Custom Tabs is a new feature of Marshmallow created to improve the performance of applications where it is necessary to open a web page. It saves resources and energy.

Meanwhile, it is possible to install on Android Lollipop the Link Bubble app that does exactly the same thing. All this without root permissions or complicated procedures!

Link Bubble does not work like Chrome Custom Tabs but the result is the same. Instead of opening a dedicated window, the link will be loaded in the background and will appear as a floating bubble on the screen. When the page loads in the background, you can continue using the first application instead of wasting time. Once the page is fully loaded, the bubble will perform an animation to warn you.

google io chrome tabs
You can not have Chrome Custom Tabs? Try Link Bubble instead. Google

Bubble Link
Install on Google Play

Smart Link

Still in the field of navigation, here is another smart feature of Android Marshmallow: Smart Link. If we click on a link to a particular application, such as a link to Twitter arriving via email, it will open directly in the application (in this case the Twitter application) instead of the default browser or message who asks us with which application we want to open the link.

But rest assured, on older versions of Android, it is already possible to have the same functionality with TapPath, an application with which you can open a link in three different ways.

app com
TapPath is a rgal use. / ANDROIDPIT

TapPath Browser Helper
Install on Google Play

Support for the fingerprint reader

With Android Marshmallow, support for fingerprint readers is integrated. In this way, the sensor can also be used for multiple functions built into the applications, such as paying without having to write a password.

In some new Samsung phones, it is already possible to pay using fingerprints, thanks to PayPal and FIDO technology. To enable this option, you must go to Settings> Fingerprints> Pay with PayPal. If your device does not have a fingerprint reader, you can turn your camera into a fingerprint scanner to unlock the smartphone with ICE Unlock.

sensor huellas
Unlocking your smartphone with the fingerprint reader is very convenient. AndroidPIT

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner
Install on Google Play

Memory Management

The built-in task manager in Android has been revised and improved with version 6.0. The interface is easier to use with the disappearance of the sections and a new option has been added to allow you to explore the use that is made of the live memory by an application.

Since the first version of Android, the Play Store is filled with apps to make your life easier, and I'm not just talking about task killer apps. Here are a few :

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Learn how to manage the RAM of your Android smartphone. AndroidPIT
<h2>Arrange the application drawer</h2>
<p style=Available in older versions of Android, the ability to scroll applications vertical is back on Android Marshmallow. First of all, at the top, you find the four applications you use the most and all the installed applications arranged in alphabetical order.

The application drawer and the home screen are among the most customizable features in the Android world. This thanks to the existence of many launchers for all tastes, colors or stylish, futuristic or minimalist … In this article you will find the perfect launcher for you:

android m date release new features image 00
The application drawer of Android Marshmallow ANDROIDPIT

Battery and recharging

The battery life remains the Achilles heel of most devices. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google has implemented a series of enhancements including Doze and the ability to load very quickly via a Type-C USB port. Unfortunately, you can not use your smartphone from a USB-C port, but you can use a variety of tricks to improve the battery life and charge. Here are the best tips:

SD card holder

This is my opinion the best feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow: SD cards are now considered internal memory. The storage parameters are thus now more clearly defined and divided into several segments. Assume that we have the internal memory stored by the terminal and a micro-SD card in addition, they will be split into two separate menus, providing a detailed and fragmented view on the occupation of each file in the terminal.

But even without Android Marshmallow, there is a way to trick the system and use the SD card to assimilate the internal memory. If you have root your Android smartphone, Link2SD does the same thing.

microsd galaxy s4 closeup 353
Marshmallow equates microSD cards as internal memory. Link2SD does more or less the same thing. AndroidPIT

Install on Google Play

What do you think of the new features of Android Marshmallow?

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