How to get Twitch Prime for FREE

We all know very well that Twitch is a well-known video streaming platform that is mainly focused on video games, in which one can find games played by other users, broadcast shows or e-sports and d ‘other events related to video games. So if you don’t know, let me tell you if you want you can create a free Twitch account but apart from the standard Twitch account there is also Twitch Prime which is the service of Twitch subscription that offers some great advantages over other normal users.

How to get Twitch Prime for FREE

It is already common to see how certain services or applications can be obtained completely for free, but if we want to access certain functions or features, we will definitely have to go through the box and subscribe to the Premium or Pro service. The same goes for Twitch Prime, as this will allow us to enjoy certain advantages over other users of the platform.

Therefore, in this article, we are just going to show you how to get Twitch Prime for free and what are its advantages over other normal users. So, now, without wasting a lot of time, let’s get started and just explore the tutorial we mentioned below.

Benefits of Twitch Prime

Twitch Channel Subscription

With Twitch Prime, we can easily subscribe to a Twitch channel every 30 days to use it with a member channel or an affiliate channel. This includes access to all of the exclusive benefits for subscribers of that channel that come with the regular subscription, such as chat privileges, emoticons and much more.

Member access to game content

Access to specific games and content at no additional cost, as we can find the offers in this same link.

Exclusive emoticons

Being a member of Twitch Prime allows us to obtain exclusive emoticons reserved for paid members of the platform.

More color options for the cat

You will have more options to choose from to customize the cat color.

Members-only chat bonus badge

Stands out from the crowd with a unique chat badge that you can turn on and off from the setup section. It’s easy to identify Twitch Prime members in platform channels using this badge.

Extended broadcast storage

This way, you can simply save your old shows on Twitch for 60 days instead of the usual 14 days offered by the platform.

Get Twitch Prime for free

Since 2014, Twitch has belonged to the famous giant e-commerce platform Amazon, which allows all Amazon Prime users to simply get Twitch Prime for free. To do this, you just need to link your Amazon account to the Twitch account, then you will automatically get Twitch Prime for free.

  • The first thing to do is to log in with our Twitch account.

  • Then just go to the Twitch Prime site.

  • Then just click on the Try Prime option and you will be asked to sign in to our Amazon Prime account.

  • In a few moments, we’ll see how the main Twitch Prime page appears, confirming that we already have the Prime user badge, along with the options to get our reward for free or use the platform’s free channel subscription. .
  • That’s it, you’re done.

However, if you do not have an Amazon Prime account, you can simply request the Amazon Prime free trial from your Amazon account, which allows us to benefit from the Prime service for 30 days. Once we have it, we can just try Twitch Prime. free.

However, if you want to unlink your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts just to no longer be a primary user in Twitch, you need to log into your Amazon account and then simply click on My Account.

There, in the other accounts section, you will find the option to set up your Twitch account.

Now just click on it and once done a page will appear with the name of your Twitch account that we linked it to and next to the button to unlink the link, that’s what you’re done.

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