How to get 1000 YouTube subscribers a day – 7 tips that work

Would you like to know how to quickly get 1000 YouTube subscribers per day? So don’t go, because I’m going to walk you through 7 psychological tips that will get people to subscribe to your channel.

This strategy is called PSICOSUB! And I assure you that it works, whether you want to get your first 1.00o subscribers or you’ve already taken some time, but want to increase your subscription price!

Tips to get 1000 YouTube subscribers per day

Check out all seven tips for getting 1,000 YouTube subscribers per day here.

Tip 1 – SVR or variable reward system

The SVR or Variable Reward System is applied in many fields.

This is something that we see a lot, for example, in the video game industry. And it’s very addicting and can be something “crap” because the possibility of getting a reward depends a lot.

And this same can be applied to get subscribers, yes, in a less “crap”.

You will see it clearly with an example. Get in the situation:

If you know that one of your favorite YouTube channels posts a new video every Tuesday at 6 p.m. What are you going to subscribe to? You already know when you’ll find new videos and you won’t go wanting.

But if your favorite YouTube channel posts one week on Monday, another on Friday, a week two videos, another none… In the end, it will create insecurity, because you don’t know if you are going to miss something.

The only way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything great is to subscribe.

Tip 2 – PsychoCTA

CTA stands for Call To Action. What becomes the typical “Subscribe”. But to this classic CTA, we’re going to add a psychological component to make the subscription rate go up.

Typically, YouTubers asks people to subscribe at the start and end of the video. False.

On the one hand, asking for it at the start of the video only makes sense to you. It’s a selfish thing that suits you exclusively because people haven’t seen the video yet and received nothing of interest. You ask for something without having contributed yet, which usually generates the opposite reaction.

Conclusion: do not subscribe.

On the other hand, if you ask at the end, two things happen:

First, the vast majority don’t make it to the end (I’ll explain how to increase retention).

Second, it is so typical and so many YouTube the make it tiring and people ignore it.


What should you do then? Then apply psychological strategies so that every time you call for action, it really works. How? ‘Or’ What? Here you can bet on several formulas.

Model break

For example, you can resort to model breaking. That is to say, to break the monotony of the video.

For example, raising the tone of your voice, changing it, making a silence, singing,… Because then, when you have drawn attention to this disruption of pattern, call to action.

Users will not only be more attentive to it, but also more receptive to doing what you ask them.

Contribute value previously

It doesn’t mean call to action at the end of the video.

When you’ve already provided something of value to your viewers, you’ve explained something of interest to them. It’s a good time to wink and plan to ask them to subscribe to your channel.

When you give them something of value, people feel a kind of “guilt” because you help them without further delay, which activates the principle of reciprocity: “you help me, I give you something in return, this that didn’t cost me so much ”

These types of strategies result in a sharp increase in subscription rates. Check that out!

PsychoCTAs work! And you can be as creative as you want. The important thing here is that the CTA is accompanied by emotions.

Tip 3 – The singularity

The person watching your video should think that you are the only one creating this type of content. This does not mean that you are talking about a topic that you are only talking about, but that people should perceive that your approach is unique.

This is achieved by doing things differently. That is, you have to be original.

In this way, you will increase the perception of the value that you bring. Because what you do is unique, people will want to stay with you and won’t miss a thing. They will want to be.

Tip 4 – Suspense

In addition to being the title of a Sylvestre Stallone film, it is about leaving people “hanging” and with honey on their lips. It is to advance something that you are not going to say then, but later.

Yeah, which they consistently do on the TV series with the typical “keep on” type…

This strategy can be super powerful if you combine it with the others.

Tip 5 – Loyalty

No matter if you apply these psychological strategies, there will always be some stubborn people who refuse to subscribe. For whatever reason.

To overcome the resistance of these types of people, there is also a strategy: loyalty. And this is that periodically in the channel we will do actions only for subscribers.

A raffle, a gift, access to special content… It doesn’t matter. The key here is that if you do this periodically, every once in a while, these people are going to eventually feel the need to subscribe.

Because overall it doesn’t cost a lot, otherwise you miss out on some cool stuff. It’s not just about not knowing for sure when you’re going to post your next video, because you can give them the same perspective at any time. It is now that resources and opportunities are lost.

It’s pure consumer psychology.

Tip 6 – Cross-platform

Here we are entering the realm of super professionals because we are going to see things that very few people do and if you apply them well they will give you a big increase in subscribers.

Cross-platform is a strategy of leveraging certain social networks to attract traffic at very low cost and to convert that traffic into subscribers on a massive scale.

It’s possible? Of course!

What is missing? A website

That’s why I always insist that you need to build a website, even if you are youtuber and SEO isn’t your thing.

There are many reasons you need a website and this is one of them. Because with this strategy you can become the beast.

Tip 7 – SEOTube

This strategy, which I already explained to you in another lesson in Youtube guides, consists of getting people from one content to another to finish hooking it completely.


If you manage to apply and combine these strategies in your Youtube videos, you will see how your channel’s subscription rate experiences increase like you can’t imagine.

So you already know:

  • Applies reward systems.
  • Create CTAs that generate some kind of emotion.
  • Be original and let people know that what you offer is unique.
  • Leave the people hanged and with honey on their lips.
  • Do exclusive actions for subscribers.
  • Take advantage of the different platforms.
  • Direct the attention of one piece of content to another to engage people.

That’s it! If you have any further questions, let them know in the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve all your questions.