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How to fix the Home button on iPhone 4

iphone4 repair home button How to fix the Home button of iPhone 4

Many iPhone 4 owners, including myself, complain about the fragility of the Home button. Indeed, after several months of use it does not respond very well to a press and double pressing to display the multitasking dock becomes a real torture – ‘

It can be a problem of wear but also a bad calibration of your button which constitutes a software bug of the iOS. In principle if your device is under warranty, a small round trip to Apple Service and voila. But if like me it’s been over a year that you have the iPhone 4 you find yourself blocked.

For this there is a solution, which consists in recalibrating the home button.


  • The Home button only responds every second time.
  • Double pressing works only very rarely and you have to try it several times.


Follow these steps in order.

Step 1

Open iPhAccess 5.0 from your device or any other application.

2nd step

Press the Power button for a few seconds until the red slider is displayed to switch off the device, then release the Power button without touching the screen.

home button tutorial How to fix the iPhone 4 Home button

Stage 3

Now press the Home button until the device is back on the SpringBoard.

Step 4

Test your Home button now

  • Back to SpringBoard from an application with support
  • Multitasking dock display with double tap

Balance sheet

If like me it works now wonderfully and it is that it was a bad calibration of your button. If the problem persists then it is a hardware problem. We therefore advise you to go to an Apple Store or to carry out a repair in a specialized store. There are many in Paris for example…

Don’t forget to tell us if it worked for you 😉

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