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How to fix the bug of the Weather App after the evasi0n Jailbreak?

meteo app crash bug How to fix the bug of the Weather app after the Jailbreak evasi0n?

Some have encountered a problem with the native Weather App after jailbreaking their device using the evasi0n tool.

pod2g has just given a solution to fix this bug. A tool via Cydia will soon be offered. But if you know a little about it and don’t want to wait, here are the steps to follow:

Use the script below to force the reconstruction of the file

Attention, make a backup of your device in the event of improper handling.

#! / bin / bashchmod -x / usr / libexec / mobile_installation_proxykillall -9 mobile_installation_proxyrm /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ 045.csstorelaunchctl stop start

while [ ! -f /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ]; dosleep 1donewhile [ ! -f /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ]; dosleep 1done

sleep 10

chmod + x / usr / libexec / mobile_installation_proxysyncreboot

How to proceed ? (Thank you at Raziel for info)

  1. Copy the script
  2. Launch Mobile Terminal
  3. Press “i”, “shortcut menu”, “+”,
  4. Paste the script in Action and give a name in label, then “done”
  5. Come back to the terminal,
  6. root login:

– login– root– alpine

Click on the blue arrow then on the name of the script. Wait for the reboot.


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