How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Wi-Fi issues

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Wi-Fi issues

Wondering how to fix Wi-Fi problems on Samsung Galaxy S10? We are going to share a few simple steps to show you how to do just that. If you can't connect to Wi-Fi or the connection continues to drop, these steps will help you get rid of problems and get things back on track in no time.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Wi-Fi issues

Switch to airplane mode

Let's start troubleshooting with some of the basic steps. Sometimes, to solve the Wi-Fi problems of the Samsung Galaxy S10, it is enough to switch to Airplane / Flight mode. Place your two fingers on the top of the screen and drag it down to open Quick Settings. Find and tap Airplane mode to activate it, wait a few seconds, and deactivate it again.

Deactivate energy saving mode

Power saving mode can extend the life of your device's battery, while reducing the performance of some applications. For example, you will no longer receive notifications from emails and applications when the power saving mode is activated. It will also turn off Wi-Fi when it is turned on. Open the quick setting by sliding your finger from the top of the screen, then press the Power mode icon and turn it off.

Force restart

The forced restart allows your phone to update its memory, applications and services, including Wi-Fi. To do this, press and hold the On / Off and Volume down buttons for approximately 10 seconds or until the telephone switches off and restarts automatically.

Check the Wi-Fi router

What you can do with your Wi-Fi router is to restart or reset it. But before that, check if the same problems appear or not on the other devices.

Forget the Wi-Fi network

Forgetting about the Wi-Fi network is another simple but effective method that you can try to solve the problems related to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Wi-Fi. Place your fingers in the middle of the screen and slide it up or down to open the applications screen. Press Settings, select Connections and choose Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is on. Then hold down the name of your network and tap Forget Network. After that, add the Wi-Fi network again by tapping on the name and then entering the password.

Reset network settings

This method will not only reset Wi-Fi information but also information related to mobile data and Bluetooth connections. Go to Settings, find General Management and press it. Here, press Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

Update software

Check if there is a software update. If so, update the software as it can fix many bugs and problems related to your device's Wi-Fi. You can check it by tapping Settings> Software update> Download updates manually.

Try in safe mode

If you can't find a Wi-Fi network on Samsung Galaxy S10, it may be because some third-party applications are causing the problems. turn off your phone. Then, press and hold the Power / Volume button until the Samsung logo appears on the screen. Only release the power button and hold the volume button until the phone restarts. If the Wi-Fi network appears in safe mode, it means that one of the applications is causing the problem. You can uninstall the apps one at a time or perform a factory data reset.

Clear cache partition

This method will not delete your personal data, but you will have to follow the steps to the letter. Here they are:

  1. turn off your phone
  2. Press and hold the Volume up, Home / Bixby and Power buttons simultaneously until the device boots up or the Android logo appears
  3. Wait a few seconds until the screen turns black and the Android recovery mode is displayed at the top.
  4. Select Wipe Cache Cache Partition using the Volume buttons and select it by pressing the On / Off button.
  5. On the next screen, use the volume buttons to access the Restart System Now option.
  6. Confirm it by pressing the power button.

Reset to factory settings

Be sure to back up your phone data before performing the reset. To restore the Galaxy S10 to factory settings, select Settings> General management> Reset> Factory data reset. Here, tap Reset and delete everything.