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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 battery life issues

Samsung Galaxy S9

If you want your Galaxy S10 battery to last longer, you can make a few simple adjustments. You will not need to charge your phone every few hours. We are going to show you here how to solve the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery life issues.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 battery life issues

Check battery usage

When the life of your Samsung Galaxy S10 battery runs out faster than usual, you can check its usage first. Here you can check which apps are consuming too much power. Close or uninstall applications that behave badly. To check battery usage, go to Settings> Device maintenance> Battery.

Close background apps

The applications you have opened will continue to run in the background, even if you are not using them. If you keep an app in the background, the content will be continuously updated. Each time you want to use the application, it will open faster because you will not need to reload the content from the start. It's effective, but it can drain your phone.

Restart your device

This method is effective in solving common problems, including battery problems. To restart the phone, you can simply hold down the power button and choose Restart.

Disable Tap To Wake

Many Samsung Galaxy S10 users have complained (via the Samsung community forum) that their phone accidentally gets in their pocket and the battery drains quickly. One of them reported that his Galaxy S10 had even started recording. If you encounter the same problem, deactivate the Tap T0 Wake function.

Software update

Updating the software may be the potential solution to resolve the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery issues. The update is usually provided with the security patch and bug fixes that can also improve battery life. Check if there is a software update for your device. Go to Settings> Software update> Download and install.

Energy saving mode

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot charge your phone and the battery level is low, you can activate the power saving mode. Go to Settings> Device Maintenance> Battery.

Startup phone in safe mode

If the problems appear after installing some applications, try to start your phone in safe mode. This method allows you to start the device by disabling third-party applications. In safe mode, check the behavior of your phone's battery. If the battery life is normal, it means that one of the applications is causing the problems. You can uninstall the apps one by one, starting with the ones you recently installed, or you can reset the factory settings. Here are the steps to start the phone in safe mode:

  1. dye your Galaxy S10
  2. Keep the power button pressed until the power off message appears on the screen.
  3. Press and hold the dye button until the Safe Mode prompt appears, and then press it to confirm.
  4. Let the process end
  5. When the process is complete, you will see Safe Mode in the lower left part of the home screen.

Factory data reset

If you have followed all of the above methods but still cannot resolve the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery issues, resetting the factory data may be helpful. To do this, go to Settings> General management> Reset> Factory data reset. Then press Reset, enter your password, and press Delete all.