How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi issues

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi issues

A relevant problem in most smartphones is related to connectivity and users can experience this problem most of the time. If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owner, you may also experience this problem. The network and connectivity issues in this mobile device often make you feel frustrated and it seems like it is impossible to shut it down completely. When considering the problem of Wi-Fi connectivity, you need to keep in mind several factors, such as network equipment, failures, account status and settings. Whether it's a slow connection that keeps you from having problems or dealing with an intermittent disconnection, the good thing is that most of them are easy to solve. Here's how to fix Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi problems.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi issues

Problem 1: slow Wi-Fi connection

Solution 1: Resetting the network parameters

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi Connection and detect the hotspot to observe Internet connectivity. If you cannot establish the connection, you can start the factory reset procedure.
  2. From the Home screen, you need to swipe your finger over an empty location to open the Applications pane.
  3. Press on Rglages, Go General Managementand finally RRESET and of Remains the parameters of the network.
  4. Press the Reset options and enter the PIN code
  5. You still have to press Reset options and once the procedure is finished, you will notice the appearance of a confirmation window.

After this procedure, the following modifications can be made to the device.

  1. Deletion of stock Wi-Fi networks.
  2. The perfect choice to change your look in minutes. twin Bluetooth devices will be deleted.
  3. The data restriction settings that you have enabled / disabled manually will be reset to the default settings.
  4. The background data synchronization settings will be enabled.
  5. The network selection mode will be automatic.

Once the procedure for resetting the network settings is complete, the problems of slow Wi-Fi connectivity and frequent disconnection should disappear. However, if the problems persist, you may need to reset all of the device settings. The effect of this procedure will be the same. except that data and files will not be deleted from the device.

Solution 2: Reset all parameters

  1. From the home screen, you need to scroll up and down to access the applications screen.
  2. You must navigate from Rglages icon for safeguard and of RRESET.
  3. from RRESET, you must pass press Reset options and review the information then press Reset options.
  4. Enter the correct PIN, password and model.
  5. For a final confirmation, you must review the information then tap Reset options.

If the problem persists after that, the problem may be with the phone radio.

How to fix Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi issues

Problem 2: dropping the Wi-Fi connection

To resolve this issue, you need to check the browser application to determine if the issue is there and try to switch to another browser. If you are annoyed by the random disconnection and the abandonment of the Wi-Fi connection due to the integrated or standard navigation application of the browser. Galaxy note 9, you can try using Google Chrome browser or other reliable apps when you need to browse the Internet. However, if the problems persist after changing the browser application, you may need to avoid software-related problems. Do not forget to check if the Wi-Fi connection remains stable after the procedure is finished.

Solution 1: restart the wireless router or modem to reset the phone

With regard to network equipment, firmware issues can also trigger symptoms. If it is closely connected to the Internet connection, the connected devices will experience the same problem. To eliminate this core problem, you must restart the wireless modem or router.

  1. Locate and press to keep the Power turn on the wireless router or modem until the device steigns.
  2. When the power is turned off, you must disconnect the adapter from the power source and, after a few minutes, reconnect it to the power source.
  3. If necessary, you can press the button Power button to turn on the wireless router or modem.

You must wait until all the light indicators have stabilized. A red light on the Wi-Fi indicator tells you to wait a few more minutes until it turns green or blue. The red light indicates that there is no signal or network connection. After the wireless router or modem has completely restarted, you can reset the device using the following steps.

  1. You must press and hold the volume down and the Power button at the same time for about ten twenty seconds until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  2. When the logo appears on the screen, you must release the two buttons.

The software reset procedure eliminates minor software problems that may have encountered Wi-Fi connectivity and have led to frequent disconnections.

Solution 2: Disconnecting and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network

This is an easier way to bring the Wi-Fi Connection back into the device. The following steps will describe how:

  1. from your administrator page, Home on the screen, you need to swipe down the notification panel.
  2. Tap the Wi-Fi to turn off the connection from the phone.
  3. After a few seconds, you can tap Wi-Fi again to activate it and reconnect to the network.

To access Wi-Fi, you can configure the network via the Rglages.

  1. from your administrator page, Home on the screen, tap apps.
  2. Press the Rglages and then Wi-Fi
  3. Turn Wi-Fi on and off.

You have to wait for the phone to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network and, once the connection is established, try to open the browser for a test procedure and check the stability of the connection for a few seconds to make sure that it works correctly .

Solution 3: Delete the Wi-Fi network

This is a necessary action that you may need to follow if the problem is related to a malfunction of the Wi-Fi network. After removing the network connection from your device, you should connect to the network as you did for the first time . The following steps will clarify the action.

  1. You must tap to open the The application menu and Rglages.
  2. Tap on Wi-Fi and make sure it's turned on or you need to turn it on and a list of networks will appear on the screen.
  3. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi network from the list of available options.
  4. After that you have to select the option Forget gold forget the network delete the selected Wi-Fi network.
  5. Restart the phone after removing the Wi-Fi network, then return Rglages and Wi-Fi Menu to reconnect to the network.

After establishing the connection, you need to check if it works properly or if it is stable.

Solution 4: Resetting the network parameters

For this procedure, you need to follow the above mentioned steps to resolve the problems resulting from incorrect network settings on the device. The problem can occur when an update is scheduled or when a system update is reported. These changes may have triggered the problem. If necessary, you can restart or reset the phone immediately after resetting the network. Once the phone is started, you can configure the Wi-Fi network to reconnect the device.

How to fix Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi issues

Problem 3: Wi-Fi connectivity problem of non-functional applications

Applications often interfere with the device's ability to connect to the Wi-Fi network, and many of them can manipulate the device's connectivity functionality. Usually, service providers or operators install these services or applications. Although you can easily disable or install these applications, you should first determine if connectivity is due to these applications and the best you can do is to run the device in safe mode. In this configuration, third-party device applications are temporarily uninstalled and the boot process only reloads the main services. The procedure is absolutely safe for the devices and the files it contains.

Solution 1: Running the phone in safe mode

  1. You must first turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the Power key until the Samsung model name appears on the screen and release the key.
  3. Right after releasing the Power key you have to press and hold the volume down and continue until the restart procedure is completed.
  4. When the Safe mode appears in the lower left corner of the screen, you can release the volume down

Plus- Notes on the Galaxy Note 9

Solution 2: Uninstall the apps

If the problem of Wi-Fi connectivity is removed when the device is running in safe mode, then you have nothing to worry about, but otherwise you need to uninstall all apps from Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

  1. from your administrator page, Home on the screen, you can access an empty location to open the application tray.
  2. Press on Rglages and of The application.
  3. Tap the app to install from the default list or the three dots icon to View system applications to display the preinstalled applications.
  4. Tap the app again, then tap Uninstall.
  5. Press on Uninstall again to confirm the procedure.

How to fix Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi issues

Problem 4: Slow or declining Wi-Fi connectivity

Solution 1: remove corrupted caches

The perfect choice to change your look in minutes. system caches can be small, temporary files, but necessary for the device, services, and applications to function properly. However, if a cache is corrupted and remains in the system, the performance of the device can be greatly affected. To determine if the Wi-Fi connectivity problem is due to the corrupt cache, you must delete them all and they will likely be replaced with the new ones. Firmware automatically creates new caches when you delete old ones from the device. Here's how you can do it.

  1. switch off the device first, then keep the button pressed. Turn up the volume and the Bixby After that, you can press and hold the button Power Cl.
  2. After the green screen Android logo appears, you must release the keys, but the Installation of system updates window may appear for a few seconds before the Android logo appears on the screen.
  3. Press the key volume down multiple times to highlight the option erase cache partition " and press Power button to select.
  4. Keep pressing the volume down until the option yes appears on the screen, then press the key Power
  5. Once the cache partition is empty, the Restart the system window now appears on the screen.
  6. Finally, you can press the button Power cl to restart the device.

After clearing the system cache, you need to check if the Wi-Fi disconnection problem still exists. If all of the steps to maintain connectivity fail, you can try resetting the device to the factory.

Solution 2: reset the phone to the factory

Among the latter options, you may need to consider, Factory data reset may resolve the issue. During this procedure, all data on your device will be deleted, including invalid settings, fatal system errors, and corrupted applications that may have caused the device's Wi-Fi disconnection. The best you can do is back up any important data so that you can restore it later if necessary. You should also deactivate the original reset protection after the backup by removing the Google account from the device to avoid locking after the reset procedure. Here is how the procedure works:

  1. turn off the power first.
  2. Press and hold the Turn up the volume cl and the Bixby cl then press and hold the Power
  3. When the green Android logo appears on the screen, release all the keys, although the Installation of System Update window may appear a few seconds before the Android logo is displayed.
  4. Press the key Lower the volume repeatedly to highlight the clear data / factory reset option, then press the power button to select it.
  5. Press the key Lower the volume until Yes – Delete all user data is displayed, then press the power button again to select and start the general reset process.
  6. Once the factory or factory reset procedure is completed, Restart the system now is highlighted on the screen,
  7. Finally, you need to press the Power button to restart the device.

Galaxy Note 9 factory reset

When you reset the phone to the factory, you must configure and reconnect the device to the W-Fi network, as problems may disappear by then. This procedure allows you to easily solve the problem of the network and the intermittent interruption of the Wi-Fi connection if the source of the problem is linked to the software.

Way to go

This is how to fix Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi issues. If the slow or falling Wi-Fi connectivity problem continues to occur after factory reset or master reset, all you have to do is bring the device to the nearest gas station, the hardware problem could be the real cause. Service center technicians will resolve the problem or replace the device if necessary.