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How to fix OnePlus 7 overheating issues

How to fix OnePlus 7 overheating issues

You may have noticed that sometimes your phone gets hot and there is no difference between a frying pan and your phone. In most cases, overheating is not a problem with the hardware or the battery. Each phone, including OnePlus 7, can be overheated for a number of things. Here we are going to share some tips on fixing OnePlus 7 overheating issues.

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Let the phone cool down

Before we move on to something else, let's say something that a lot of people just don't do and that they absolutely should. As soon as you notice that your phone is heating up, let it cool down. Heat can cause many other problems, so as soon as you notice it, give your phone time to breathe. This is especially true for those who play games on the phone. After about an hour the phone will definitely heat up – so press pause and let it cool down.

Use flight mode

It is recommended to activate flight or airplane mode on your phone when you charge it, because if system applications such as GPS, Bluetooth, etc. are active in the background during charging, this can lead to overheating.

Keep your phone out of direct sunlight

If you place your phone in direct sunlight, it will overheat in no time. So be sure to keep it hidden and you will experience the problem.

Monitor temperature

Try installing a temperature measurement app on your phone from the Google Play Store, as this will allow you to monitor your phone's temperature and find out which application is causing the problem. This way, you can force stop or uninstall these applications.

Limit charging time

The phone may overheat if you charge it for too long. Many people leave the phone to recharge overnight and when they wake up they find it hot. Charge your phone until the battery is full, no longer than that.

Restart your phone

Make sure to restart your phone from time to time. This simple task can do many things – it will shut down background applications and processes that consume a lot of battery and can cause overheating issues.

Update applications and software

Make sure to keep the apps and software up to date. In this way, you will make sure that everything works as it should. To update apps, simply go to the Google Play Store and click the Update All button. For the software update, do the following:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Tap About Phone
  • Tap Check for updates

Use the original charger

Another thing that can cause overheating problems is the use of the charger that did not come with your phone. Of course, there are situations where you just don't have the original charger with you. But, when you are at home, do not use a charger supplied with another Android, use the one supplied with your telephone.

Factory reset

If your phone can't figure out how and nothing seems to work, you can opt for a factory reset. However, you must keep in mind that resetting the phone to factory settings erases everything (you will not delete the files on your SD card, but only on the phone), you must first create a backup. Once the backup is complete, you can reset the phone to the factory. Here's how:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap System> Reset Options
  • Choose Clear all data
  • Now enter your PIN or password (if you have one), then tap Next.
  • Finally, tap Clear All.

Your device will restart. When that's done, just set up your phone as a new device and you're good to go.