How to fix Moto G7 overheating issues

How to fix Moto G7 overheating issues

You may have noticed that your Moto G7 gets hot or even hot when you use it. This does not necessarily mean that there is a hardware problem. Regarding overheating and battery life issues, these are usually related to the way you use your phone. Experienced users and those who like to play games face this kind of problem much more often. There are many things you can do to avoid it. Here we are going to show you how to fix Moto G7 overheating issues.

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How to fix Moto G7 overheating issues

Before trying to solve the problem, you should let your phone cool down. Let this be the first thing you think about when you notice the phone is heating up. Let it cool completely.

Remove the protective case

If you are using a case or cover for your phone, remove it. Many cases are made from poor quality materials and heat phones much faster. So take it out and use it without it for a while.


avoid overcharging your device. Most users have noticed overheating issues only when the phone is charged. This is because they let it charge much longer than it should. Also use the original charger that came with your device.

Restart your phone

Many applications and many processes always run in the background. These can affect the life of your phone's battery and cause overheating. To close them all, you need to restart your phone from time to time. In addition, it will increase the memory of your phone and improve its performance.

Update applications

You need to make sure that the apps you use are all up to date. Developers are doing their best to improve their performance, so when they post an update, you should get it. To update all of your apps, open the Play Store. Then tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner. Tap My apps and games. Finally, tap Update All.

Remove apps you don't use

If you tend to keep a lot of apps on your device, including the ones you don't use, it's time to unclutter your phone a bit. Delete the apps you no longer need.

Update software

It is also important to keep the software up to date. The new versions bring new features, but not only. They also bring bug fixes and performance improvements. To update the software:

  • Open the Settings application from the home screen
  • Find the system option and tap on it
  • Press Forward
  • Tap System Updates.

Factory data reset

You can give your phone a fresh start and a ready-to-use feel if you perform a factory data reset. This will delete everything you have on your device, so be sure to create a backup first. To reset your Moto G7 to factory settings:

  • Go to settings
  • Tapping system
  • Tap Reset options
  • Then tap on Clear all data
  • Tap on Reset phone

Your device will restart. Follow the steps on the screen to configure it.

Additional advice:

  • Never expose your device to direct sunlight
  • When playing games, take a break after a certain period of time
  • When watching videos, also take a break after a while.