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How to fix iTunes error 3200 for iOS 5

Hello everyone, I also have problems with ios5 which promises to be excellent, but there I can do more !!!!

Let me explain:

iphone 3gs – non j’ailbreakĂ© – FW 4.3.5

I downloaded itunes 10.5

I start the restoration

it starts …

it restores….

it restores….

it hangs at just over half !!!

I said to myself “this is a big update” it must take time “, stupid that I am

Except that I left it on all night, and it didn’t get any better….

I tried at least 10 times, nothing …

The bp is that the iphone always restarts in recovery, I have to put it in DFU manually, well it’s not really the bp

Am I the only pilgrim to whom it happened ?????

Anyone have a solution for this problem please ???

No matter how much I searched on forums, I only came across subjects concerning the iTunes 3002 or 2005 or 2002 error…

Thank you in advance for your answers

Good restores to all