How to fix Huawei P30 overheating issues

How to fix Huawei P30 overheating issues

Playing games for an hour or more, or watching videos can overheat all phones, including Huawei P30. When people have this kind of problem, they usually think that something is wrong with the phone. In most cases, it's not the phone and its hardware – it's the way we use a device. Sometimes one of the apps can also cause problems. So, if you're wondering how to fix Huawei P30 overheating issues, try the solutions below.

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Resolving Huawei P30 overheating issues

When testing this problem, we aligned steps 7 which could help solve this problem. Each application and each external condition has a different impact on the phone, and possibly the first 3 should be enough to repair it. Without further ado, let's see the solutions.

Let the phone rest

Overheating is not something that could be called a problem. Instead, it occurs when responding to a problem caused by an application or a system failure. Well, when the device begins to capture heat, it automatically shuts off to avoid any damage to the device's hardware. To point out – it would be better if you turned off the phone yourself rather than letting the heat reach the automatic shutdown point. Once you've closed it, leave it for half an hour, then try to run it. This should resolve the problem if it were to solve a software or application problem.

A reboot can also do the job

Stopping treatment of the device with force can also do the job. Restart the device normally. And if this does not happen, press and hold the power / lock button for about 15 seconds and the system will restart. After restarting, everything should return to normal and the overheating problem should stop.

Clear cache

If the restart did not affect the overheating, clear the cover. Caches are very important in computer devices and serve as clipboards for memory. Sometimes they detect bugs that cause an error and disrupt the whole system. It could also happen because of a bad application that sent corrupt information to the cache, which caused problems. Well, turn off your device and hold the volume keys and the power key together for about 10 seconds. The device will boot normally but will enter the EMUI (Emotion User Interface) menu, where you will see options for recovering and clearing the cache. Scroll to the Wipe Cache option with the volume up key, then press the power / lock key to select it. This should bring performance back to normal.

Keep software and applications up to date

After going through all of the system troubleshooters mentioned above, the problem persists, then opt for updates. Older application scripts and obsolete system modules can also cause problems. Update them regularly and make sure that any unnecessary apps remain on the device. And each time an application or the system is updated, restart the device so that the updates can act accordingly.

Remove third-party applications

Do you have a third-party app, one that isn't on the Play Store or available through the Huawei App Gallery? Then they could surely be the root cause of all these problems. Before deleting them, run a troubleshooting. Check your Wi-Fi network and compare it with any other device. If your device lacks stability or Internet speed, there is definitely a problem. Restart the device and hold the volume key when it reaches the boot logo. It will enter Safe Mode. Again compare Wi-Fi performance and if everything is working properly then you will need to remove third-party applications as they are problematic blocking Wi-Fi connectivity which results in overheating of the components.

Return the device to factory mode

Well, there are several methods to do this: firstly from the settings menu and from the reset option. The other method is hard reset, which is to turn off the phone and restart it using the volume and power / lock keys pressed. Hardware reset is only recommended if there is a groove problem in the device. If you choose options 1 (Settings menu), make sure to save your files first, since resetting the factory settings will erase everything. On the positive side, this will give your device a fresh start.

Huawei Service Center – the last resort

If even the factory reset does not work, there is probably a hardware problem in the device. Contact the Huawei service center immediately and request that the overheating problem be resolved. But don't forget to tell them that you've already tried the suggestion we provided here.