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How to fix Huawei P30 GPS issues

How to fix Huawei P30 GPS issues

GPS (global positioning system) is one of the things that greatly simplifies our lives. You can now find your way easily without getting lost and you can also locate the services available near you. For this reason, smartphone manufacturers include GPS software on their devices. It can help you find the shortest routes to places and also indicate routes to places you don't know. However, this may not be possible if your Huawei P30 has problems with GPS. Here we will list possible solutions to common GPS issues.

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Remove the phone cover

If the shell of your phone is too thick, it may interfere with the way your GPS antenna transmits information to GPS satellites. Likewise, the cache could prevent your antenna from receiving communications from GPS satellites. Remove the phone shell and see if it changes anything.

Restart your phone

Restarting your phone will help eliminate communication errors that may affect your GPS. It can reset your GPS radios and remove all bugs that could cause a system failure or give inaccurate location data.

Activate GPS

Make sure the GPS is on. Since GPS affects the battery, most users deactivate this function when they are not in use. To make sure that the problem you are having does not arise from deactivating the GPS, check your position settings. To activate GPS on the Huawei P30, select Settings> Security and privacy> Access to places. Press the button next to Access my location to activate the GPS function.

Improve location accuracy

Your Huawei P30 can also give inaccurate GPS data locations simply because you are not using the correct GPS settings. As a result, you will only get data close to what is correct but not correct. To get the most out of your GPS, be sure to set specific locations. This will improve communication between your phone and the available GPS satellites.

You can improve the location accuracy on your P30 by accessing Device settings> Security and confidentiality> Location access, activate the Access my location function; press "Google Location Accuracy". Press the button next to Improve location accuracy to activate the function.

Deactivate energy saving mode

When the power saving mode is activated, some of the features of your phone are disabled. This is because the power saving mode limits activities in the background and may also turn off some of the radios on your phone.

If these radios are turned off, your phone will not be able to communicate with the GPS satellites. You can temporarily deactivate the power saving mode when using GPS services by accessing Settings> Battery. In the Optimize battery use menu, tap the button next to Energy saving mode to deactivate the function.

Download GPS status and toolbox

GPS Status & Toolbox is an application that can improve your GPS location searches. The app works by connecting your phone to the fastest GPS satellite near you. This will give you accurate GPS data you can rely on. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the best part is that it's free.

Update your system

Regularly checking for updates can also help you solve some of the common problems that your Huawei P30 may encounter. Your GPS may give inaccurate location data because the software is outdated. To get the most out of your GPS, be sure to use the latest GPS software. You can update your P30 by accessing the settings, scrolling down to the phone, and tapping on Software Update.