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How to fix Galaxy Note 9 camera issues

How to fix Galaxy Note 9 camera issues

Most of the time, issues related to mobile performance arise mainly due to the application freezing. The error message Unfortunately, the camera stopped is no exception. This also applies to Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If the problem is non-technical or not related to the hardware, the problem can be solved without problem. If you're having the same issue and don't know how to fix Galaxy Note 9 camera issues, this guide will help you find simple and easy troubleshooting techniques to fix it.

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Troubleshooting Galaxy Note 9 Camera Problems

Here's what you need to do to fix the camera issues.

Clearing the cache and data from the camera application

Sometimes clearing the camera application cache and data clears the problems with the message error. It is the first thing to face such problem. Clearing the cache and the camera data will reset the application. If you think that your application or your photos will be deleted with the clearing of the cache, do not worry, this will only delete the application data which is not linked to your data on the mobile.

To clear the cache and data

  1. From the home screen, open the Applications pane
  2. In the settings for opening the application tray
  3. Then find the apps and tap
  4. Press Menu, and then tap Show system apps to view the preinstalled apps.
  5. Find the camera and press
  6. Press storage and select clear cache
  7. Press the option to delete data and confirm the deletion.

Update to latest Android version and camera app

If you are using a third party camera app, this solution will come in handy. Sometimes camera issues arise due to the app, the camera stops working with an old version of the app. So the camera update works. Likewise, updating the Android software to the latest Android version resets the camera.

To update the Android version

  1. Open the settings of the home screen
  2. Scroll and software updates.
  3. Select download and install
  4. Your phone will find out if an OTA update is available.
  5. If found, the update phone will automatically start the download.

To update the camera application

  1. Select applications from the home screen
  2. Select the parameters
  3. Find your third party app
  4. Select and update.

Restarting the phone in safe mode

This utility will allow you to disable all third party applications, which will cause the camera application to crash.

To run Safe Mode on your phone

  1. turn off your phone
  2. Press and hold the power key until the phone model appears on your phone screen.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, release the power button
  4. Immediately press and hold the volume down button after releasing the power button, until your mobile phone restarts completely.
  5. On the Safe Mode screen in the lower left corner, release the volume down key.

Now try to use the camera while taking photos or videos. If the problem is not resolved, try our next solution.

Reset your phone

It is the last and final solution to your camera problem. However, before completely resetting your phone, it is recommended that you back up your important data and applications. To reset your phone

  1. turn off the phone
  2. Press and hold the volume up and Bixby buttons, then press and hold the power key.
  3. On the logo display, release all keys
  4. Press the volume key several times
  5. Now select "clear data / factory reset" with the volume keys and press the power key
  6. Select Yes – Delete all user data and press the on / off key.

If the problem persists, visit one of the nearby Samsung stores.