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How to fix Galaxy Note 9 battery life issues

How to fix Galaxy Note 9 battery life issues

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 notably has the largest battery among Note devices launched before it. The user experience is quite well improved with its extended battery position. But some users have reported that the battery drains quickly. According to Samsung, the Note 9's 4,000 mAh battery can last up to a day after being fully charged. And such a big battery can last that long. But if this is not the case with you, there are things to try to make the battery last longer. Let's see how to fix Galaxy Note 9 battery life issues.

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Troubleshooting Galaxy Note 9 battery life issues

Solution one: check the battery usage

Some applications use a lot of battery. Battery usage can be checked from the Battery Usage application located in Settings> Device> Battery. In the Battery Usage app, you can see all the details indicating which app consumes an unusual amount of battery. Remove these applications to save the battery. If no such application exists, skip the next solution.

Solution 2: Disable apps in the background

Make a habit of erasing the memory once the application is finished. Most users let applications run even after they are used, such as communication and social networking applications. The list also includes games. Usually we close the application using the built-in close option or the Return key. But we don't erase the memory. To access quick memory, press the Recent application key on your Galaxy Note 9. From there, close all running applications, then restart your Note 9. Over time, the battery will stop running down .

Solution 3: disable some advanced features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has stronger and bigger features. A simple example is Bluetooth, which can be paired with 120 ft devices. This range is 90% longer than hundreds of other standard smartphones, but because of this, it consumes more energy. Just because of this and similar features, Note 9 consumes more battery when turned on. A simple solution is to deactivate them. As far as Bluetooth is concerned, it's easy to do that. Just go to Settings> Connections and just use the switch to turn it off.

Solution 3: update applications

Some patches that are not updated tend to continue. And over time, they continue to consume the battery. The updates bring bug fixes and, after each update, the application should work easier and better.

To update the applications, go to Play Store> Menu> My applications. You can choose the Update All option or press Update by selecting a single application.

Solution 6: factory reset

If the problem exists even after trying these solutions, you should try resetting your Note 9 to the factory. But don't forget to back up your files first. Go to Settings and open General Management. The Reset option must be selected from there. It will show you the factory data reset option. Tap it to select this option, then tap Reset Device. Finally, choose Delete All and confirm. Any possible system problems should be removed after this.

Battery problem

It is very rare that the problem resides in the battery or the charging system of Galaxy Note 9. But if, after having tried all these solutions, you cannot solve the problem, visit the nearest Samsung customer center. This could be the hardware fault.