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How to fix Galaxy Note 10 battery life issues

How to fix Galaxy Note 10 battery life issues

Every Samsung Galaxy Note 10 user expects endless opportunities to be unlocked due to the fact that the phone has a large battery. The larger battery means more talk time, more internet use, more games and more streaming. Well, almost all users are lucky with their Note 10. But some are faced with battery life issues, which reduces usability. If you have the same problem, read on. We'll show you how to fix Galaxy Note 10 battery life issues.

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Solution 1: Reduce the screen resolution

The Note 10 screen resolution consumes most of the battery. This is because of the standard number of pixels on the screen. Well, it is best to switch to a lower display mode whenever an additional high quality resolution is not required. To adjust the resolution, go to the settings, choose View and go to Screen resolution. There you will find 3 options: HD +, FHD + and WQHD +. If you want to get maximum battery life, you can choose HD + option.

Solution 2: Optimize the device

The applications specially designed for the Note 10 consume a lot of battery. Even Google Service apps tend to take up a significant portion of the battery. All of these issues were known to Samsung, which is why they added an optimization feature to Note 10. This kills background apps, letting the battery breathe, giving it time to relax. Just head to the settings and open Device Care. Press Optimize now to lighten the system.

Solution 3: Manually disable apps

If you still think that the battery is not working at height, you can stop the battery-intensive applications yourself. Go to Settings, then Device maintenance. Tap Battery to open usage details. You will see a list of active applications that use your smartphone's battery. In addition, tap the apps that use the most battery and toggle Put the app to sleep. This will deactivate battery-intensive applications.

Solution 4: disable features

Disable any features that are not in use and re-enable them if necessary. These are mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Simply access the settings or simply tap the icon on the quick panel.

Solution 5: automatic restart

The simple restart of smartphones does many wonders. And even in note 10, it can do a lot. Well, note 10 has the auto restart function. The function can be adjusted to automatically restart the phone. To do this, access the parameters and access Device Care. Look for the automatic restart option and set it to Activ. In addition, adjust the restart time when note 10 should restart.

Solution 6: always night mode

If you don't want to put the background apps to sleep and want a solution, just put the screen in night mode all the time. Well, it will not only benefit your battery, but could also have a positive impact on your eyes. To activate it, go to Settings and open View. Select the night mode and activate it.

Solution 7: refresh the battery

The battery problem often starts after certain updates. To fix it immediately, drain the battery completely to the point where the phone itself turns off. And then charge it until it is 100%. Try this tip once a month, even when the battery is working properly.

Solution 8: energy saving modes

Apply the energy saving modes. It is a healthy step for the battery and solves all high consumption problems.

To activate it, go to Settings> Advanced functions. You will find there the option of maintenance of the devices where you must press the battery. Then you will see the Power Mode option. Choose the maximum energy saving option if you want to obtain the maximum battery Note 10.