How to Fix “An iPhone was Found but Could Not Be Identified” Error in iTunes

If you are facing an issue related to “An iPhone was found but could not be identified”. Error in iTunes. Here is the guide to solve it in a few simple and simple steps.

Many users have reported “An iPhone was detected but could not be identified” error in iTunes for their iPhone’s unstable connection with Windows. This is very inconvenient as connecting to iTunes is an operation that might be more commonly required to transfer media files to iPhone devices. The error message persists and many users are notified, but Apple chooses to leave it as is. Don’t worry, if you are getting this error then you need to follow the 3 methods described below to fix “An iPhone was found, but could not be identified” error message. Just read the article to learn more about this fix!

How To Fix “An iPhone Was Found, But Could Not Be Identified” Error In iTunes

The method is simple and easy, you just need to follow the step by step guide to fix this error on your Windows PC.

# 1 check the cable and connections

Well, this is one of the first things you can do to fix “An iPhone was detected but could not be identified” error message. It only takes a few seconds to correct cable errors. In this method, you need to check whether the cable is properly connected to iPhone and PC. If it is connected, try to connect your iPhone with different USB ports. If the error still persists, you can also try a different cable.

# 2 Update your Windows and iPhone

Well, if changing the cable doesn’t resolve the “An iPhone was detected but could not be identified” error message, then you need to update everything. By everything we mean the Windows operating system and your iPhone. Updating both devices can help resolve many issues, including connection errors. So, connect iPhone with WiFi and let it update. On PC, you need to go to Update & Security, then click on “Check for the Updates”.

This may not fix the problem, but it will minimize the chance of error nonetheless.

# 3 reinstall iTunes

Well, if the above two methods fail to resolve “An iPhone was detected, but could not be identified” error message, then you need to reinstall iTunes. Follow some of the simple steps below to reinstall iTunes.

Step 1. Download the latest version of iTunes. we would need it in the later procedure.

2nd step. Go to the menu “ Uninstall or change a program ”From Windows via the Control Panel. This looks like Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features .

Step 3. Locate the iTunes entry and then simply uninstall it by right-clicking the option and selecting it from the list of menu options. This is exactly what we need to do, uninstall and remove the underlying problem, but to regain control over iTunes we are going to install it afterwards.

Step 4. Like iTunes, remove the following apps or entries through Control Panel:

– Support for mobile devices Apple – Hello – Software update Apple – Apple Application Support

After you have successfully removed all of the items described above, restart your computer and then finally re-install in iTunes using the installer we downloaded in step one! This is the solution. the error will not come back! Don’t worry about every entry you uninstalled as the installer would reinstall them.

And it was a simple but ideal method to fix your “An iPhone was detected but could not be identified” error in iTunes. It might be the worst way you would have to go about getting rid of the error, but since nothing else was working for it, so you reluctantly have to go for it. For now, we would try to find another simple solution to the problem!