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How to find an IP address

The IP address is your identity card on the Web. But it is also the way to identify all your devices in your home, history that when you watch the connected TV, you did not receive the information intended for the connected refrigerator. The IP address is a vital element for any connected device. But how do you know your own IP on the local network or on the Internet?

How to Find IP Address

Why does my PC or my smartphone have two IP addresses?

As we will see, each of your devices can appear under two different IP addresses from your home or business:

  • The first is the local IP address (private address), the one that identifies you on the internal network. Your computer, smartphone, console and connected TV all have a local IP address, usually in the form This is the way in which your box or router manages to identify all the devices on the network, so that each one receives the information intended for it, and not that of another.
  • The second IP address is the one assigned to your entire network on the internet (public address). This is the way your whole network is identified on the internet. This is actually your internet quest box giving this web IP address. Consequently, all the devices connected to your ADSL / fiber box benefit from this same address.

Display the IP address of your PC on the local network

  1. From Windows 10, press the keys (Windows) + (R). In the small dialog box that appears, simply enter the term cmd and validate using the button okay. How to Find IP Address
  2. Then enter the following command line: ipconfig. A list of components is then displayed: Ethernet card, Wi-Fi adapter, virtualized Ethernet card In the IPv4 Address section, you should see the IP address of your machine. How to Find IP Address
  3. Note that there is also an address called Default gateway. This is the IP address of your Internet box, always locally. If you haven't changed anything since installing your box, it is generally stuck on Finally, if you want to get more details on each network component, you can also enter the command ipconfig / all. How to Find IP Address

Display the IP address of all devices connected to the local network

  1. An alternative to the method that we have just mentioned consists of using the interface of your Internet box. At the same time, it allows you to consult the IP address of all the devices on the network (TV, consoles, smartphones, etc.). To access it, simply enter the IP address of the latter from your browser. In general, just enter from the address bar of your browser, then type the box password, and voila. Note that you can also access the box manager from the mobile application of your ISP. How to Find IP Address
  2. From the home screen, the management interface of your box allows you to see all the devices in your network. You should find there not only the IP address of the device you are currently using even to connect the interface of the box, but also the IP address of all other devices. And it doesn't matter whether you connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet: this management interface really displays all the devices connected locally. How to Find IP Address

Find your IP address on the Internet

  1. If you now want to know your IP address on the web (that of your box, in reality), return to the administration interface of your ADSL / fiber box. This is always accessible from the address How to Find IP Address
  2. This interface allows you to know your IP address on the web (also called WAN address). This can be in IPV4 or IPV6, since there is now a shortage in Europe of IPv4 address. In our example, this information is found in the Support> System Information> Internet submenus. How to Find IP Address
  3. Another solution to display your own IP address on the web is to call a service like, or even All these services allow you to know your address instantly, or even to geolocate yourself as is the case with How to Find IP Address

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