How to extract email addresses from your Gmail messages

Well if we look around we will find that almost everyone now uses Google services in their daily life. Speaking of Google services, we use Gmail, Google Search, Google Calendar, etc. in our daily life. Gmail is the most popular email service.

The great thing about Gmail email service is that it is free and widely used for personal and business purposes. So, if you are using your Gmail address for business purposes, you might want to extract your customers’ email addresses. The same applies to everyone who belongs to the internet marketing section.

Although the emails you received from your customers were perfectly archived in Gmail, they still have not been stored in Google Contacts. So, if you choose to change activity or want to change your email service provider, you might want to use this email list.

Unfortunately, Gmail does not allow users to extract email addresses from Gmail messages. Yes, you can still manually choose the email address and names. Nonetheless, it could be a tedious and boring process. To simplify things, we are therefore going to share a working method to extract email addresses from your Gmail messages.

How to extract email addresses in Gmail

To extract email addresses in Gmail, you need to use an email address extractor. It is basically a Google add-on that examines all the email messages stored in your Gmail accounts.

It automatically extracts email addresses and saves them in a Google spreadsheet. So the email addresses are not just extracted, but the management process is also much simpler. Most importantly, Email Address Extractor works with both Gmail and Google App accounts.

Now let’s see how to extract email addresses and names from your Gmail account.

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Extract email addresses from your Gmail messages:

Step 1. First in your Google Chrome browser you need to download and install the extension Email Address Extractor .

2nd step. Now you need to give the extension proper account permissions for it to work and you need to be signed in to the Gmail account you want to extract the email addresses from.

Step 3. Now click on add-on and you have to get a new add there. In the search box, you must type Email Extractor and add the plug-in to the sheet.

Step 4. Now the plugin will be added to the Add section and you can access it by clicking on it and then selecting Start to launch the Extractor module.

Step 5. Now on the right panel of the extractor you need to specify all the criteria for your search filter i.e. where do you want to extract yourself, subject keyword, email keyword and emails sent or received, etc.

Step 6. After specifying everything just click on the option Start extraction .

That’s it, you’re done, on the left you’ll see the list of all extracted emails in the results,

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The discussion above therefore focused on how to extract email addresses from your Gmail messages. Use this method to extract all email addresses with the specified filter result using the simple addon described in the guide above. Hope you like it, keep sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related questions on this topic.