How to extract an image from an anim GIF?

How to extract an image from an anim GIF?

Have you seen an interesting animated GIF, and an image it contains caught your attention? To recover it, no need to trick by making a screenshot, open the GIF directly in a dedicated tool. On Windows, the most comprehensive and effective utility in this area is ScreenToGif.

The program, which is mainly used to take screenshots of your PC as animated GIFs, also includes an editing module through which you can drop a GIF frame by frame on a timeline to extract a precise image. Demonstration.

1. Download ScreenToGif

Start by downloading ScreenToGif to your PC. This open source software is free and can be used either by installing it completely on your machine, or by using its portable version.

2. Open the GIF editor

Launch ScreenToGif on your PC and click on the mode Editor.

Once the edit mode is open, drag and drop your GIF directly into the window, or go to your hard drive by clicking on the menu Load.

3. Save the image

ScreenToGif should load all the images making up the GIF and display them on a Timeline. Scroll through the images until you find the one you want to extract. Then right click on it to Export image.

A side flap should open. In File type, make sure thatimagery be well selected. In the section File, click on the icon in the folder to select the directory for saving your image and enter a name for your image.

Then click on the button Save to start the process of extracting the image from your GIF. The image, exported in PNG format, should automatically be saved in the directory selected above.