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How to explain the success of the App Store?

For a year the AppStore has offered its customers no less than 65,000 applications count this day. There must certainly be an application for any type of use. Apple has imposed its App Store which has unanimously returned to the everyday life of iPhone and iPod Touch users. This commercial and innovative success goes hand in hand with diPhone and diPod touch sales.

But how do you explain such a powerful success in such a short time?

First, Apple has made it available and easily accessible all applications already available on competing phones. This allowed it to salute, even surpass all the phones in the same range.

Second, customize your phone according to your own needs: with such a principle, you only use the applications that are useful to you. What allows to have a complete telephone but without the superfluous. Thanks to 3G technology or simply via Wi-Fi, you can make changes and install new applications any time of the day, no matter where!

Third, involve the user to make it a possible developer. Who better than everyday users to create an application. You use an iPhone, you know how to program, you notice a software failure. Free you to create the application which can go around the world, with a 30% commission (for paid applications) per key. The number of developers is estimated at 100,000 people. The payroll of these 100,000 developers is invoiced at $ 0.00 /.

Fourth, create the Buzz! It is on this point that Apple made the strongest. Anonymous people who have become rich and famous thanks to a trivial little game like iShoot, scandalous applications, placed on the App Store by mistake, like Baby shaker A mixture of communication and advertising!

Fifth, attract the interest of large companies! Today, the App Store has become essential, a new market is created and it is followed by all multinationals. All companies that are actively involved in the IT world have a program available on the AppStore. Business obliges! The game companies offer old games at low prices, which delight users of another generation. But fashionable games are also available, with a quality of graphics and maneuverability appreciated! More surprisingly, so-called conventional commercial companies are also developing small applications for a more marketing purpose. I think a famous automobile brand, which for the launch of its new model developed a little car racing game to publicize its new product.

Sixth, reconcile free, low-cost paid and fair-priced. A last strong point of the App Store is to be able to obtain applications for free or at very low prices! The latest games are also available at market prices!

We regret all the same that there is not a possibility to test an application during a trial period. Indeed, if a paid application is often successful, some applications paid less than 1 are sometimes not even worth it!

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