How to exit an application on the Samsung galaxy S4 and S5

How to exit an application on the Samsung galaxy S4 and S5

This question is a classic, and not just newcomers on Samsung: how to leave an application on Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5? This works for all smartphones under TouchWiz, the overlay of the brand.

Samsung Galaxy S5 simple
Quitting an application on a Samsung can be surprisingly complicated. / ANDROIDPIT

Exit an application on Samsung in the normal way

In principle, just launch the menu of recent applications (long press on the home button on Galaxy S4 and precedence, button recent applications on the Galaxy S5 and after). Then simply drag to the right or left the application you want to exit.

how to quit samsung application 1
In principle, dragging an application to close it partially erases its cache. / ANDROIDPIT

Quit an application: force the closure

If an application no longer responds to the point of not responding to drag and drop in recent applications, you can force it to close in the settings.

Some applications continue to consume data in the background, even when you have it in principle. This solution is very convenient to prevent them from consuming your package and your battery. YouTube, but also media players for example are often guilty.

To do this, you must go to the settings> Application Manager> Runtime. Here, choose the app you want to leave.

how to quit samsung application 2
The Run tab displays all running applications. / ANDROIDPIT

In this menu, you can see which applications are running while you have not asked them. I often find games or other seemingly harmless apps running for several days after I close them. Facebook Messenger or Skype are habitus …

how to quit samsung application 3
Be careful not to close everything constantly, your system may become unstable. / ANDROIDPIT

Completely disable a system application

As you may know, to uninstall a preinstalled application, you need to root. On the other hand, you can deactivate all the bloatware (obsessively, officially), by deactivating these applications. We do not recover the storage space they occupy, but we free the cache and save a little energy sometimes.

To do this, always in the Application Manager, get the application you want to leave (in Allif it is not running) then choose Disable.

how to quit samsung application 4
Disabling an application deletes all the data saved through it. / ANDROIDPIT

When you disable an app on Samsung TouchWiz or Android in general, be aware that you will lose all the data associated with it. You will not find them even if you activate the application.

I do not use Chat On for example, and I have not recorded anything with it, so I can disable it. The application has been updated automatically, before disabling it I must accept to uninstall all updates.

how to quit samsung application 5
Disable an application remove any updates. / ANDROIDPIT

After deactivating your first application, a new tab is created: Dsactiv. Logically, you will find all the applications you have disabled. You can re-activate them any time.

Do you have applications that start on their own?

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