How to enable predictive text input in Windows 10

How to enable predictive text input in Windows 10

Quickly typing text without making mistakes on a mobile was greatly facilitated by the implementation of predictive text systems. Thanks to them, the keyboard typing speed from a touch interface is better and the various errors and mistakes that can be made when typing text are limited.

Windows 10 also benefits from a predictive input function. Disabled by default, it is the basis for the virtual keyboard of Windows 10 which is displayed when you use the operating system on a touch screen, especially on hybrid PCs.

Here is how to activate its operation with the physical keyboard of your machine.

1. Open the Settings

Click on the Start menu in Windows 10, then on the icon showing a toothed wheel to access the Rglages of the operating system.

Then enter the section dedicated to peripherals.

2. Activate predictive text

Place yourself on the menu Capture in the left column and scroll through the different options displayed until you reach the section Hardware keyboard.

Activate the option Show text suggestions as you type, and possibly the Automatic correction of misspelled words while typing.

You will not only benefit from the predictions, but your typos will, in principle, be automatically corrected when you enter text.

3. Use predictive text

The use of predictive text can start immediately, as Windows 10 does not need to restart to apply the changes to the system.

Open any tool for entering text and start writing on the keyboard. each word you type, Windows should display a balloon above the line with one or more word suggestions.

Less practical to use than from a touch interface, automatic prediction on a hardware keyboard requires, to validate a word, that you use the mouse, or the directional arrows of the keyboard (up, followed by right / left) before validating with the key Between.