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How to enable night mode (blue filter) on Android

How to enable night mode (blue filter) on Android

Popularized by iOS 9.3, the Night Shift feature is now available on many Android smartphones. This function allows you to apply a filter on the screen to reduce eye strain and thus neutralize some of the blue light on the screen of the smartphone. In this article, we propose you to know how to activate it on your Android, whether the function is native or not.

More and more users have eyestrain problems because of time spent in front of the notches. In short, nothing astonishing that when analyzing our modern daily life (tl, computer, smartphone, tablet …). The eye protection mode as Huawei calls it on its phones is therefore an effective way to fight the blue light of our notches. The blue light is indeed bad for sleep because it disrupts the production of mlatonine, a sleep hormone.

A default feature on some smartphones

Today, most new mid-range and high-end smartphones are equipped with this default feature. We found it even on some devices before the arrival of Android Nougat, but since it has become increasingly popular today is a standard.

The name of the night mode changes from one manufacturer to another, but if it is available on the smartphone, it is always in the display settings. In all cases also, you will automatically find a quick access in the notification bar. You will find an example below with the Honor 8 where the night mode is called "Eye Protection".

androidpit honor 8 eye protection
The Honor 8 offers a game protection mode that gives a slightly yellow hue on the screen. AndroidPIT

Via an app on the Play Store

Many apps available on the Google Play Store provide this mode night. Blue light filter is one example. It has the same functionality as what is found natively on Android, with more options such as the selection of filter color among seven available, shortcuts on the home screen, a widget on the screen notifications and activation according to schedules.

blue light filter
Blue Light Filter is perfect for enjoying the Night Shift feature on Android. AndroidPIT

Blue light filter
Install on Google Play

  • Version of the app: 2.7.2
  • Size of the app: 5.56 MB
  • Compatibility of the app: Android 4.0 or higher
  • Economic model: completely free

Do you use such a mode on your smartphone? Do you find this useful ?

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