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How to enable connection sharing on Android

How to enable connection sharing on Android

Connection sharing on Android is an existing feature on all Android devices that allows sharing a connection with one or more devices. Whether you have a Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Motorola or LG smartphone, the principle remains the same and the names of the menus change very little. Also known as Hotspot or Tethering, the procedure is very simple: here's how to create a hotspot on Android.

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After having explained to you how to increase the speed of your mobile Internet connection and after having explained to you where to place your router to obtain a better connection, we explain to you today how to share your network. You'll see? it's childishly simple.

First of all, you surely have already come across terms bordering on soterism such as Tethering or even Modem sharing. They all mean the same thing and refer to connection sharing from your Android smartphone. In fact, you create an access point (WiFi in general, but bluetooth or USB are possible) to which another device connects.

This is called a hotspot access point. Its speed depends of course on your connection and your smartphone. Whether you want to share a connection on a Samsung Galaxy S8 or on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the concept remains the same: your Android smartphone somehow becomes a modem.

How to share data with USB Tethering

USB connection sharing allows you to use your phone's data connection with a USB cable. This means that you can charge your phone, and at the same time, share a stable data connection with your laptop for example. It will probably be in the gray part, but when you connect your phone to another device or computer via USB, this option will become available.

How to share mobile data with Bluetooth Tethering

Bluetooth Tethering connection sharing works like a normal Bluetooth connection, except that it is used to share Internet access. These connection types also allow you to transfer data and other files via the USB or Bluetooth connection. Naturally in the second scenario, you must have your Bluetooth activated and pair another device in order to share your Internet. This will allow you to share data between phones or any other Bluetooth device.

How to enable connection sharing on Android

1. Go to the "Network and Internet" settings of your Android

2. Select More… Or on Sharing the line depending on your smartphone (Samsung, HTC, etc.).

3. Select the corresponding submenu: Connection sharing, Hotsport WiFi, mobile access point or Tethering.

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Wifi hotspot, Tethering, connection sharing: all these names denote the same functionality. ANDROIDPIT

4. Now you have to choose which method you want to use. Probably WiFi, so click on Mobile WiFi access point or, depending on the model, press "Mobile access point settings".

5. Click on Configure the WiFi access point to start connection sharing.

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Prefer a password that is not too obvious, if you activate connection sharing one day by accident, anyone could use it if "1234" works … ANDROIDPIT

6. Here you can change the network name and password. I advise you to enter an empty name so that you can find it easily, and a password (not too empty this time). However, you can change these settings at any time.

7. If the device with which you want to share the connection cannot connect, try to change the channel (sometimes awkwardly translated as "chain"), in the advanced options.

And voil! Connect via WiFi with your computer, tablet or any other device. You just need to treat this new network as usual. Obviously, make sure you have an adequate package. If you launch even an HD video on YouTube, several GB of data can quickly fly away. Updates and downloads of large files are also not necessarily indicated. One last thing: plug in your smartphone that shares its connection, its battery will thank you.

The process is simple, but you may have encountered problems with some specific smartphone models or with old Android versions, so don't hesitate to tell us about it in the comments and we will do our best to help you.

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