How to edit a PDF file

How to edit a PDF file

How to edit a PDF file

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How to edit a PDF file

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is an alternative light and free Adobe Reader that a lot of peopleprefer. It displays PDF files very well and quickly and offers a wide range of powerful tools. You can not edit the content directly, but the text can be barred by one line and replaced by a pop-up note.

You can also insert notes, attach page files, add text boxes or captions, draw with a pencil, add rectangles, lines, arrows, polygons and clouds, or even add buffers like Approve, Rejection and so on. This is the tool Idale if you want comment and annotate PDF files.

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PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer offers a set almost the same features that Foxit Reader and it is just as useful for annotating PDF files.

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PDFCool Free Studio

Although it suffers from some BugsPDFCool Free Studio has some features helpful. he can extract the text and the images from a PDF, which later will allow to edit them in another software like Word for example. You can enter text on a page and have basic drawing functions to draw lines, circles, and rectangles. It is still not as good as Foxit Reader though.

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LibreOffice is one of only solutions if you want to edit the text for free in a PDF file. It natively supports PDF files and even if it is very large documents with hundreds of pages.

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