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how to easily reduce the weight of a PDF file?

how to easily reduce the weight of a PDF file?

Using an application and your mobile camera, scanning a multi-page document has become child's play. Just take a photo, crop the image, start over for the next few pages, and press a button to get a PDF ready to share.

If the documents of a page scanned in this way do not present generally a problem and can be shared immediately from the smartphone, the PDF of several pages have, on the other hand, a disadvantage of size: their weight often very high.

Impossible then to transfer too large documents to certain administrative sites imposing a weight limit on the files. You will then have to transfer your PDFs to your PC to try to reduce their weight by compressing them. And you won't need anything other than your web browser to get there. Here's how.

1. Open the PDF in your browser

To compress your PDF, you will have to open it first with your web browser. Firefox, Edge Chromium and Google Chrome browsers can be used.

Right click on your PDF, go to the Open with menu, and select your web browser. You can also drag and drop your file directly into a tab in your browser.

2. Launch the print module

Once your document is correctly displayed in your browser, choose to start printing by clicking on the appropriate button or by using the key combination Ctrl + P.

The print settings pane should then open. In the drop-down menu allowing you to select the printer to use, choose Microsoft Print to PDF. The option seems available natively on Firefox and Edge Chromium, but not on Google Chrome.

If it does not appear on the latter, in the menu allowing you to select the printer (Destination), you may need to click on See more to be able to choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

3. Print a PDF

When all the print settings are correctly selected, simply click the Print button. You will then be prompted to save a new version of your document, in PDF format, to your computer's hard drive.

Give your file a new name and validate the recording. If all has gone well, the new version of your PDF should be smaller than the original document.