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How to draw on your mobile phone?

Would you like to reveal your drawing talent to the whole world … or at least to your loved ones? Know that you don’t necessarily need a pencil and a paper, your smartphone is enough.

smartphone drawing application

You have the soul of an artist but the tools provided with your phone are not suitable for you? No problem, Adobe has thought of you with the Adobe Illustrator Draw application. This app allows you to make quick and basic edits on your images before sending them to your friends.

Adjust the display of Adobe Illustrator Draw

Having encountered problems with the display of the application during the writing of our tip, if the tools are not displayed correctly, here is our trick to solve the problem. Go to the settings from the menu:

adobe application display
preferences application adobe

Then tap Left / Right to bring up the menu on the other side. Your problem should be solved.

sync adobe application

Create a drawing in Adobe Illustrator Draw

You can start a project by pressing the “+” button from the main screen:

new Adobe drawing

In our case, we have chosen to edit a vacation photo. In layers, select + to add a layer:

drawing layer adobe
Adobe image layer

Then choose the source (gallery or photo for example). An assistant will then help you reposition the image on your work area. Our advice, click on “Adjust” to get an overview:

adjust Adobe drawing

Once the image is imported, you can start scribbling. Select a brush in the list of tools, by tapping on the brush, you can modify its width, its opacity and its color.

Adobe drawing settings

Then tap on the brush to return to the list of tools. You can zoom with your fingers and move the image to select your work area.

Adobe drawing area

It is also possible to insert shapes, from the menu:

adobe drawing shapes

From the list, select the form of your choice:

shapes drawing mobile application

Once the shape has been chosen, reposition your image in the shape and then select the brush of your choice, to apply on the outline or inside of the shape.

Once all the modifications have been made, you can use the button at the top right to enlarge in full screen and have an overview of your work:

Adobe overview

Finally, to save your image, click on the export button which will offer you to save the image in your Gallery.

export drawing adobe

Attention on Android, the image is saved in the Adobe Draw folder. Himself located in the “Others” folder of your gallery.

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