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How to download YouTube mp3 music to my iPhone?

Do you listen to all your favorite songs online? And you want to expand your music library? Here are some tips to make your playlists as simple as possible in the world. From your iPhone.

Image 1: How do I download YouTube mp3 music to my iPhone?

The YouTube video platform has become, over time and somewhat unwillingly, a huge music platform on which many titles are available. The iPhone having become, in turn, a particularly popular player, it makes sense to want to download music from YouTube. Here are some solutions to get there.

The simplest solution is also the most expensive. It consists of having a subscription to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, which then allows you to take advantage of certain additional functions of YouTube. Indeed, this will allow you to download the contents of the site in a dedicated application, such as the YouTube Music application, so that you can then listen to them offline or store them in playlists.

Free solutions but …

There are other solutions to find your music from YouTube on iPhone, this time free, but a bit more complex and in a slightly grayer area. They consist of using third-party sites that convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file. Like, Onlinevideoconverter or any other similar site. It will then be necessary to copy the address of the video and select the desired file format, then download it to your computer.

Image 2: How do I download YouTube mp3 music to my iPhone?

From there, you will need to add it to your iTunes library and then send it to your iPhone. Note that this kind of site does not allow the downloading of music files directly to the iPhone.

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