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How to download old versions of Xcode or MacOS

How to download old versions of Xcode or MacOS

mac easy icon mac for dummiesToday we're going to see how to download old versions of Xcode or MacOS. Indeed, developers or hackers sometimes need to revert to an earlier version for the Xcode tool or the MacOS system. Once we have installed the last version, it is not obvious to go back.

As often on iPhoneSoft, here is a new tip for beginners who comes to fill the section Mac easy… (see all our Mac and iPhone Easy tips).

How to download an old version of Xcode or MacOS X

To do this, you need an Apple developer account (free or paid) and then go to the download page. Once on it, you will see all the software and tools available in beta. Go down to the bottom of the page and click on the magic button: "See more downloads".

download button old mac apple xcode software

Now, it's up to you to find what you want, here I tested to recover Xcode 8.3 while we are at Xcode 9.1.

how to load old xcode or mac os x