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How to download and install the Google Play Store on Android

It is sometimes necessary to install the Play Store manually. Here is an article that will explain how to download the Google Play Store for free in its latest version and how to install it now on your Android smartphone. This page is continuously updated with the APKs of the latest versions of the Play Store available for download.


What is the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the official Google application that provides access to a huge amount of content. the application is installed by default on most Android devices sold. Formerly called Android Market, the Californian glove finally renamed it Google Play and if it is true that it sometimes has some small bugs (we explain here the bizarre numbers of errors in the Play Store), each of them has its solution so if you do not have the Play Store, do not hesitate to install it it will simplify your life!

Check your current version of the Google Play Store

Updates take time and do not arrive at the same time for all Android devices. This is why it is sometimes useful to download and install a newer version of the Google Play Store, especially if it is a problem for you. Before you hurry to download the latest APK file from the Play Store, you should first check which version of the Play Store app you have installed at the moment. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to Settings, then apps and notifications
  • Find Google Play and tap it (you may need to tap See all apps)
  • Tap on Advanced and scroll to the bottom to see the version number
AndroidPIT install google play store 03
It is important to check the version you have. AndroidPIT

If your Google Play app is working normally and the only reason you are downloading is because of your impatience, you can also check the version of the app in the Play Store app itself. Open it, press the three lines (menu button) in the upper left corner, go to Settings and scroll to the bottom to see the exact number.

Google Play Store version numbers

The numbering system for versions of the Google Play Store may seem a little confusing at first, but it's easy to get an idea. If the jumps between the figures seem strange to you, it is simply because Google has not published the intermediate versions.

Download the APK file from the Google Play Store

Please note that this guide is intended for owners of an Android device with a licensed version of the Play Store installed. We recognize that it is sometimes necessary to reinstall or reinstall the Play Store app.

Download the APK from the Google Play Store

Download the Play Store in its latest version:

Old versions:

As usual, most changes are made under the hood, in order to make everything smoother. We were unable to find any significant user interface changes or new features in the latest version of the Google Play app. If you download the update and notice errors, check out our Google Play Store troubleshooting guide.

AndroidPIT ios vs android 0176
Of all the apps on your phone, the Play Store is the one you really want to keep updated / AndroidPIT

3. Install the Google Play Store

Nothing is easier than installing an APK. If you are an AndroidPIT reader, the APK has no secrets for you. For others, an APK is a file format containing the entire application installable on Android. You can install this file without going through Google Play and without necessarily being connected to the Internet.

There are two methods available: download Google Play from your phone and install it manually, or download the Play Store to your computer to install it manually afterwards.

Install the Google Play Store with your smartphone

For older versions of Android (before Oreo), simply go to your configuration menu and activate the installation from unknown sources, then open the link above. You will be asked to indicate if you authorize the download and installation. APKMirror is a safe source, so it's okay to press Yes.

AndroidPIT install google play store 02
If you receive this message, you will have to toggle the option 'Installation of applications from external sources'. AndroidPIT

On Android Oreo and above, like Pie and Android 10, installing the Google Play app manually is a bit more complicated. Here's what you need to do:

  • Go to them settings and find them applications and notifications. Once in the applications menu, scroll down until you find your mobile browser – Google Chrome, for example.
  • Tap on your browser and scroll down to the section advanced. You will find Install unknown apps. Open and select Allow from this source. You can turn this option off after you are done.
AndroidPIT install google play store 04
Remember, you can always search the Settings menu to find the option you are looking for / AndroidPIT
  • Using your device's browser, go to the XDA Developers forum or the APK Mirror website to download the APK of the latest version from the Play Store.
  • You may receive a message warning you that "this type of file can damage your device". Ignore it (trust us) and press OK.
  • Open the APK (you can press the download finished in the notifications menu), read the new permissions (if any) requested by the new version Play Store, then press Install.
AndroidPIT install google play store 06
Enabling installation of unknown sources can be daunting, but you can disable it at any time. AndroidPIT

Install the Google Play Store using a computer

If you don't have mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection on your device, you can download the APK app from the Play Store on your computer. The same process applies, but you will need a file management application installed on your smartphone.

  • Download a third-party file manager application, if you don't have one, for example FX File Explorer. Allow it to install applications from unknown sources, following the same steps as those described for your mobile browser.
  • Using your computer's browser, go to the XDA evelopers forum or APK APK Mirror to download the APK of the latest version from the Play Store.
  • Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and copy the APK to your Android device.
  • Find the APK using your file management application.
  • Launch the APK, accept the permissions and hit Install.
  • Remember to remove permission to install from unknown sources from your file management application if you do not intend to add other APKs from ct.
androidpit USB 1
Charging from your PC with a USB cable can sometimes avoid installation problems with APKs. AndroidPIT

FX File Explorer
Install on Google Play

Once you've reinstalled the Google Play Store app, you shouldn't have to manually download each subsequent version again. As soon as there is a newer version than the one you have, the Google Play app will automatically update. If you are still having problems, however, it's time to see if you have a concern.

4. Problems with the Google Play Store

Google Services Framework is a crucial service that allows the Play Store to communicate with the applications on your device, allowing automatic updates and so on. if these functions stop working, or if you have other problems, then there may be a problem with the service. In this case, you must clear the cache memory of Google Play Store and Google Play Services:

  • Go to Settings> Applications and notifications
  • Scroll down to Google Play Store, tap it, and then tap Storage and cache, then on Clear cache.
  • Do the same for Google Play Services
  • This should solve most of the problems you will encounter with the Google Play Store.

Note : depending on the type of device you have, it may be necessary to root your smartphone to manually install the Google Play Store, but this is another tutorial for another day.

AndroidPIT sharp aquos r3 lower notch
Each version of the Play Store can add or remove features. AndroidPIT

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