How to download and install Google Play Services

How to download and install Google Play Services

The services offered by Google are becoming more important for our devices every day. Thanks to the work of developers, we can take advantage of new applications on our smartphones and tablets. If you really want to be up to date without going through Google Play, you can download and install the APK from Google Play Services.


What are Google Play Services?

When we talk about Google Play Services, we are referring to an application that offers several services that Google updates automatically, regardless of the Android version installed on your device. So everything the Play Store does with your phone apps goes through Google Play services. This tells your phone when to update the apps and introduces new features and settings to Google Play.

Google Play Services (or Google Play Services) is an application closely linked to the Android system itself, which allows your smartphone to benefit from the latest versions of applications and security patches without upgrading to the most recent version of Android. Despite confusing names, this differs from the Google Play Store where you can access, purchase and download media such as apps and games.

The app works in the background and normally you don't have to worry about it. You can see which version is installed on your device by going to the application settings and then entering Google Play Services.

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Google Play Services is the master of applications, and you have every interest in updating them. AndroidPIT

Keeping Google Play services up to date is beneficial for all users, even the most occasional, as its improved efficiency will conserve battery life and improve offline services.

The easiest way to always have the latest version of Google Play services is to keep an eye on this page, which will provide you with a download link to the latest versions available on the Play Store. Just hit the install button below to make sure you have the current version.

Google Play Services
Install on Google Play

However, as in most Android apps, there are always newer, better-quality versions if you're ready to put in a little more effort. For example, there are several versions of Google Play services for the different versions of Android that you may have. So if you want the latest version, follow the steps below.

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First, you need to know which version of Android you have. / AndroidPIT

Or download APK from Google Play services

Download the Google Play Services in their latest version

Old versions:

That's all ! Google Play Services being an application running in the background, you have nothing to do but let it do its job. You can check if the installation was successful by going to Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Services : the version number must be the one you installed.

How to install the Google Play Services update

Of course, like most of the time on Android, it is always possible to find newer versions than those installed on our devices. For example, there are multiple versions of Google Play Services for multiple versions of Android. Therefore, if you want the latest version, follow the steps that we detail below.

  • First of all, you need to know the version of Android that you have. Go to Settings> About phone.
  • Then allow your phone to install applications from sources outside the Google Play Store. Click on Settings> Security> Unknown Sources.
  • You should now know which version of Google Play Services you need. This is where your Android version number is important. Each Google Play Service is made up of three numbers. Look at the last three digits of your version number (for example 034) and choose the corresponding APK.

The version of Google Play services is displayed in the following form: version a.b.c (xyz.something). In our example, this is version 11.7.46 (448-175121617). The version number (a.b.c) is not the most important thing, what to look at carefully is the number formed by XYZ.

The first number (X) is your Android version:

0 = Android 4.4.4 or higher

4 or 7 Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher

8 Android TV

The second number (Y) is the architecture of your processor:

1 – armeabi

3 armeabi-v7a

4 arm64-v8a

7 x86

The third digit (Z) is the pixel density of your phone:

0 – universal

2,160 ppi

4,240 ppi

6,320 ppi

8,480 ppi

Once your numbers are known, you can download the version of Google Play Services you need.

Warning: you install APKs outside the Play Store at your own risk.

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You can allow your mobile browser or file explorer to install apps from unknown sources .. AndroidPIT

Did you take a more recent version? Tell us !

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