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How to display the “desktop” version of a website on your iPhone or iPad

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Want to see a page with your mobile as if you were on your computer? No problem.

While many websites today have adopted a responsive design, which resizes web pages to fit the smallest screens, there are still a number of disturbing sites that insist on the reduced service of mobile versions for users iPhone and iPad. This can be really tiring, especially if you’re using an iPad and a mobile display far too big for your screen, or trying to find a feature that the site developer simply did not expect in mobile form.

Fortunately, you can ignore the wishes of the site designer and quickly get the version you prefer on Safari.

nb: for URLs like ” m.[domaine].com “, When you retype the” »In the URL bar you will not necessarily have the computer version (wide screen) if the site you are visiting has been designed in a responsive manner.

How to load the desktop version of a website in Safari mobile?

  • Visit the site in question in Safari
  • Press and hold the refresh button on the right in the URL bar
  • Press on ” Desktop version of the site

ios 9 web desktop version How to display the

The site will then be reloaded in its desktop version. This will last as long as you keep this tab open on this site; close the tab or enter a new URL in this tab, and you will return to the mobile version.

Do you find this new feature of iOS 9 useful?


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