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How To Disable Cortana | Technobezz

How To Disable Cortana | Technobezz

Newer or newer versions of Windows include a more advanced and integrated digital assistant. Now, we all know how annoying this can be and could lead to the desire to deactivate the Cortana Personal Assistant in order to benefit from uninterrupted experience while using the computer. Windows 10, however, is not so famous after the decision to leave the wizard still active. Here we are going to show you how to disable Cortana.

In older versions of Windows 10 that had not updated the system recently, it is very easy to deactivate the wizard.

  • Just display the search bar and enter the name Cortana.
  • By clicking on the result, you will get options to activate or deactivate it as you wish.

On recent or updated computers, however, it can be disabled using two methods. Either by depriving the assistant of his capacity to collect personal information, or by closing him completely. Be aware that disabling it may result in a break in the search, which can only be corrected by performing a completely new installation.

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Method 1: Deprive Cortana of data collection possibilities

  • Open the Cortana settings by searching for it and selecting it, or by clicking on its icon when it is available in the desktop menu.
  • Access its control panel and deactivate all its parameters with an activation / deactivation option.
  • At the top of the settings page, click "Edit Cortana Knowledge", which is a control of cloud data collection.
  • A page will be displayed from an online source. Navigate down, where there is a "deactivate" option. Select this option and close the window.

Input data control

  • Go to the start menu and select the settings.
  • Access Confidentiality and check the speech and typing parameters in the left panel.
  • There is an option in this option to "stop learning about me". Select this option, but remember that this will also turn off voice dictation skills. To be able to use it again, this option must first be activated.

Method 2: Disable Cortana entirely

The first method partially disables the wizard, so the software continues to run in the background, but this time with little or no intrusion into your activities. It will also be indifferent to voice commands and will only work fully if it is specifically selected by the user.

Deactivating the wizard completely may vary slightly from one operating system to another, but the procedure is the same. The simplest procedure is as follows:

  • Search for "change group strategy" in the initial search provision.
  • Find "Computer Configuration", then select Administrative Models.
  • from there, select "Windows Components" and click on "Search".
  • Find Cortana and switch to deactivate, then press Enter or OK and close the window.

Deactivation on Windows 10 Home

This is a bit more complicated on Windows 10 Home because the only way to disable it is to modify the registry. Other versions can be disabled by one of the methods, but the group strategy method is always easier and less complicated when available. In addition, it is advisable to create a backup before any intervention in the registry, especially if the user does not have much experience. Once ready, strictly follow the following commands:

  • Press the Windows + R key combination
  • Type "regedit" and execute with the Enter key.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then SOFTWARE, Stratgies, then Microsoft> Windows, then Windows Search.
  • If Windows Search is not available, create a new key and give it a name.
  • On the left side, right-click the key / folder and, for 32-bit systems, select New> DWORD Value.
  • Assign the name AllowCortana the value, then double-click it and enter 0 for the value.
  • Once done, close the window and log out, then log back in to the user account to apply the changes.

The assistant is now completely deactivated and inoperative. To reverse this action, simply go back to the same parameters and enter a data value of 1 instead, and you're ready to start again!