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How To Disable Bixby | Technobezz

Unfortunately, Samsung's virtual assistant was not warmly received by most people. Although the characteristics and the intention of the creation are correct, it becomes annoying because of the involuntary openings. With the Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9 and Galaxy S10, the people's cry to deactivate it is louder. The Bixby button has been placed in a very inconvenient location. Although the hardware is not used anywhere, we can take advantage of the software by disabling it. So how do you turn off Bixby?

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Bixby features

Samsung's virtual assistant has very interesting features, including:

  • Bixby's voice – speak Bixby and ask him to do something
  • Bixby text – tells Bixby to do something using text
  • Bixby vision – it can give you all the information about what it sees in the camera view
  • Bixby home – it collects all your important information and tasks
  • Bixby routines – collects your routines

How to turn off Bixby's voice?

Bixby's voice is the most useful tool of Bixby among others than this virtual assistant. It allows you to easily control the device by voice command. Voice control can also be performed when the screen is locked. Even then, it's not everyone's cup of tea. So you can turn it off by following the simple steps below. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Open Bixby home
  2. Click on the three dots menu button at the top right of your screen.
  3. Tap the settings
  4. Scroll to the Bixby voice option
  5. Toggle option to turn off Bixby's voice
  6. You can re-activate it if you wish by following the same steps and reversing step 5.

How to deactivate Bixby home?

Samsung says Bixby home will be smart to study your routine and update itself to reflect your daily use of the phone. You can also define quick commands with this feature. There are few users of these features and instructions for disabling them are provided below.

  1. Long press any unfilled area of ​​your home screen on your device and access your home screen settings
  2. You can also slide with your fingers to another empty screen
  3. You can find Bixby Home when you pass the leftmost home screen.
  4. Toggle the option in front of you to turn off the Bixby house

How do I turn off the Bixby button?

  1. As said before, open the Bixby Home by sliding the leftmost welcome screen
  2. Press the "Parameters" symbol in the shape of a gear at the top right of your screen.
  3. Toggle the option to no longer have to open Bixby home when you press the button (often accidentally)
  4. And voil!

Now, no matter how many times you accidentally click the button, it won't bother you because it won't open.

As you know, the Bixby button has two characteristics. A short press on the button launches Bixby Home and a long press launches Bixby Voice. Instructions for disabling both have been provided above.

You can still activate Bixby by doing the same and reversing the last step.

How to remap the Bixby button?

You can turn it off by remapping the Bixby button. Here's how to do it:

  1. Access the settings.
  2. Press' advance functionality

Click on the Bixby key.

  1. Press 'Double press to open Bixby'.
  2. Press "Use one press".
  3. Go to 'Open application'.
  4. Choose your favorite application and enjoy it.

You can now use the button as a shortcut to one of your favorite applications.

(Remember that pressing the button twice will always open Bixby if you use this method.)