How to delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10

How to delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10

Active computer users can detect Windows.old on the system partition, which is most often found in Drive C and is a standard volume folder. Many wonder what it is and is it possible to delete it. Some people even try to delete it immediately in the usual way in File Explorer, but they fail. This guide will show you how to delete the Windows.old folder in Windows 10.

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How to delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10

What and where is the Windows.old folder?

This directory will appear on the system partition after upgrading your PC to a new version of the operating system or after reinstalling Windows without formatting the C drive. This folder, as you can guess, contains the files from the previous system. Navigate to the directory, you will see that there is a folder structure like on disk C: Program Files, Users, Windows, etc. The folder designed in case of errors appear in the new system, the user can revert to a previous version. This is why, during Windows upgrade, Windows.old saved all the important files from the old system.

Since Windows.old takes up too much space on your hard drive, Windows has included a mechanism that automatically erases it. If the new system works properly, the directory will be automatically deleted after 28 days. Most often, users trying to delete Windows.old immediately. Since Microsoft has transitioned to a new version of the OS as free, easy and convenient, many use the automatic update mechanism, and that is why they will find the directory on the C drive with the old files.

Delete the Windows.old folder

The following method is versatile and can be used to delete the Windows.old folder, not only for Windows 10 versions of the operating system, but also for earlier versions.

Using a combination of Win + R Open the Execute and type cleanmgr and in the disk selection dialog, you will have to select the system partition, C drive, and press OK.

When the analysis is complete, the Disk cleaning window appears, select Clean system files, then Disk cleaning will reappear. Select Disk C and click OK and after a brief analysis, open Disk Cleanup, check the folder Windows Previous Installation (s). Click OK and wait for it to be cleaned.

Then you can reopen the file explorer and make sure the directory is no longer there.

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