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How to delete saved Windows 10 Wi-Fi networks

How to delete saved Windows 10 Wi-Fi networks

Is your Wi-Fi list full and you need to add a new network? If this is the case, you will be looking to free up space to add a new network, because your Windows 10 device registers only a certain number of networks. In addition to this, there is even a threat that an inactive network that appears to be a public connection could steal your data. Although not so easy but it is not impossible. It can happen on any device and almost any platform. Windows is the most vulnerable of all and, let's keep that in mind, we will explain a few methods to delete saved Windows 10 Wi-Fi networks.

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Deletion of saved Windows 10 Wi-Fi networks:

The basic method: The simplest and easiest way to remove a network from the Wi-Fi list is to click on the network icon displayed in the right corner of the screen, which will display a list of associated or available networks. Find the network in the list you want to delete, click and hold it for a few seconds, or simply right-click to open a drop-down menu. In the menu, click on forget to delete the connection.

How to delete saved Windows 10 Wi-Fi networks

This option is applicable as long as your device is within the range of the deleted network. Otherwise, the network will not be displayed in this list.

From the network settings: If the basic method does not work, you will have to go through this option. All you have to do is click on the network icon in the notification area of ​​the start menu bar or the system tray. It would be in the lower right corner of the screen, unless you changed the orientation. A menu would appear with all available networks and basic Wi-Fi controls.

Just above the commands are the network parameters. Click on it to open it and it will take you to the Network and Internet window. There you would see the networks again, scroll down and click Manage Wi-Fi settings just below the Advanced options. A new window will open with options for paid services and management of known networks.

In Manage known networks, click on the network you want to delete. A menu would appear at the bottom with the Share and Forget options. Click on Forget and this network will be deleted from the library.

Deleting the network using the Settings application: Another method that you can use to delete the network is to use the Settings application. Open the Settings application and choose the Network and Internet option which should appear on the left of all the other options. In the Network and Internet window, choose Wi-Fi, displayed just below the status. From there, click Manage Known Networks, which will open a list of all connected and available networks. Find the network you want to delete, and if you can't find it, use the Search filter in this list to find it immediately. Then click on the network that appeared and choose Forget which will delete the network.

Expert and old optionsIf you have been using Windows 8 for a long time or want to use the old techniques, you can delete the network using this method. Open the command prompt as an administrator. Well, you will have to look for the command prompt in the Start menu, as shown in the apps. Once the command prompt is open, enter netsh wlan show profiles, which will give a list of all connected and stored networks registered with profile names. Find the profile you want to delete. Suppose the network profile name is Alexander4217, then you need to enter the following command: netsh wlan delete profile name = Alexander4217.