How to delete call history on Android?

How to delete call history on Android?

This is not a problem for a large majority of people, yet we regularly receive messages from certain readers asking us how to delete a call from the history. It's very simple, follow the guide!

As usual, depending on the interface of your Android (Optimus, TouchWiz, Sense, Xperia UI, etc.) the names of the menus may vary slightly, but generally the procedure works with all manufacturers.

If you only want to delete one number …

Start by launching the Phone application and go to the "Recent calls" tab, then keep pressing the number of the list you want to delete. A new window opens. Then simply select the trash can icon or click Delete to delete the number.

clear android calls
Deleting a single number is possible. AndroidPIT

If you want to clear all history …

Press the menu key (capacitive or on the screen, depending on your model), then select Delete all calls. On more recent versions as well as on certain applications, you will find little dots at the top of the call window. Just press it and you will see "Call History" appear. This will of course open the call history, you can press the small dots again and only have to click on "Delete call history".

calls history clear

Clear all call history on Android takes no more than 5 seconds. AndroidPIT

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