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How to deactivate your notifications on Facebook and Instagram?

Are you harassed by notifications from your Facebook and Instagram contacts? End the ordeal in a few seconds.

stop notifications mobile

Social media applications allow us to stay in touch with our friends, family or even dream a little with web stars. In these apps, notifications help us follow the thread of discussions and posts. But sometimes, we would like to be a little quiet to watch a film, read a good book or just spend time with someone. If so, how do I turn off Facebook and Instagram notifications?

It is possible to disable notifications from each application but there is a much simpler way that works with all programs. When you receive a notification, lower the menu on your smartphone to see the latest notifications:

see mobile notifications

Then keep your finger pressed on the notification, you will then have several possibilities. Put notifications in silent mode, re-enable sound notifications or simply Block notifications from this app. If you want to temporarily disable notifications, we invite you to switch between silent / sound modes. The advantage of this first method is that you will continue to see notifications appear visually. Reminding you that you have disabled them.

block phone notifications

The second solution is more radical but if you are tired of seeing your screen overwhelmed by notifications, you can opt for it by Blocking all notifications from this app.

To reactivate them, go to Settings> Notifications & status bar> Manage notifications then reactivate notifications for the app of your choice from the list.

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