How to cut your micro SIM card to transform it into a nano SIM (and not break it!)

How to cut your micro SIM card to transform it into a nano SIM (and not break it!)

There it is, the day of glory has finally arrived. You have a new smartphone in your hands. You hasten to recover the old one immediately, remove the SIM card to put it in the new device when suddenly: "I don't believe it, I need a Nano SIM!". In this article, we will explain the different SIM card formats and how to transform your SIM card into Micro or Nano SIM.

SIM, Mini SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM?

Why all these SIM cards of different sizes? As you may have noticed, the SIM card is made up of a chip which contains all the user information and allows you to use the services offered by the device, such as data, calls and the messages.

Devices are getting smaller and smaller and operators are reducing the size of the SIM card

Until recently, there were no such problems: SIM cards were one size fits all. Then Apple appeared with Micro SIM cards. These, although smaller, in fact have a greater capacity than the original SIM card, not to mention the Nano SIM card, compatible with the latest generation devices. Mini SIM cards are nothing more than standard SIMs, those that took the place of the old 85.60 x 53.98 mm SIM card from 1999.

different sim cards
SIM cards over the years are getting smaller and smaller. By Cvdr based on Justin Ormont's work

Differences between SIM cards

SIM MiniSIM MicroSIM nanoSIM
Dimensions 85.60 x 53.98 mm 15 x 25 mm 15 x 12 mm 12.3 x 8.8 mm
capacity 0.5-2 KB 2 KB-16 KB 32 KB-128 KB 128 KB
Format 1 FF 2FF 3FF 4FF

The devices continue to evolve and reduce their components more and more. It is precisely for this reason that even operators have started to offer increasingly reduced SIM cards.

How to transform your SIM card into Micro or Nano SIM

When you change devices, you may end up with a SIM card that is not suitable for the new terminal. To solve the problem, you have several solutions available: use adapters or cut your SIM card.

Buy a SIM card adapter

In electronics stores or online platforms, you will have no trouble finding small plastic adapters that will allow you to use your SIM card even on devices that support different formats. Simply choose the adapter corresponding to the size of your SIM card, place your card and insert it into the dedicated case.

You can buy kits with three adapters: SIM / Micro SIM, SIM / Nano SIM and Micro SIM / NanoSIM. The cost is around 3 8 euros.

Replace the SIM card in a dedicated center

Another option is to go directly to an electronics store or a physical store from your operator and request the replacement of the SIM card. It is also possible to call your operator to request a change. In this case, you will probably have to wait a few days before you can have the new operational SIM card. If you don't intend to wait before you can even use your new smartphone, you can ask them to cut the SIM card for you or buy the adapter directly for the format you need.

Do it yourself: cut the SIM card yourself

The cheapest, but also the most complicated and risky solution is to take care of the situation yourself and cut your SIM card into Nano SIM.

Warning! This procedure should be done very carefully. AndroidPIT cannot be held responsible for any damage.

The first rule to keep in mind is not to cut the golden portion for any reason. Then go get scissors, scotch tape, lime and a pen (no, this is not a Disney tutorial).

Now all you have to do is print this document which will help you cut your SIM card correctly. The sheet shows three different operations: Mini SIM (normal SIM) Micro SIM, Mini SIM Nano SIM and Micro SIM Nano SIM. Choose the option that interests you and place your SIM card in the appropriate box, fix it with adhesive tape and trace the measurements with a pen. Once the SIM card is cut, use the file to smooth the sides. Of course, to use it as a SIM card on your old device, just use an adapter.

And you, how did you cut your micro SIM card to transform it into nano SIM?

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