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How to customize your icons on Windows 10?

Do you find the Windows 10 interface too classic? Know that it is not frozen and that you have the power to transform it completely, in your image. Starting with the icons associated with your applications.

Do you like your Windows 10 operating system? With a touch of personalization, it would be even better! You can simply change the icons to use an interface that will look more like you. Be careful however, Windows has always been finicky, so you will need to use .ico files for them to be accepted.

Customize windows 10 icons

To find ICO files, you can choose to do a Google search (enter a specific type of ICO file in Google Image search). Or simply look for online converters that will transform your PNG and JPEG images into ICOs. Finally, you have the option of using icon conversion software.

Change folder icon in Windows 10

To start, right-click on the icon you want to change and click Properties. Go to the last Tab Personalize then select Change icon.

change folder icon windows 10 menu

In the menu that appears, you can choose an icon from the list or search for an image on your computer.

windows 10 folder icons list

Once the icon has been chosen, press OK to confirm the modification.

Change a shortcut icon in Windows 10

In the same way as above, right-click on the icon you want to modify then click on Properties. Go to the second tab Shortcut then click on Change icon …

modify windows 10 shortcut icon

In the menu that will then appear, click on Browse then go and find the icon file of your choice.

browse list of shortcut icons windows 10

Validate then exit, your new decoration is available!

new windows 10 icons

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