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How to create your personalized emojis on Android or iPhone?

Are the emojis offered by your phone no longer enough for you? Know that you can add emoticons that look like you on your keyboard. To import and use these personal emojis, there is a special application.

create custom smartphone emojis

There are many emojis available on your smartphone. But how do you add your own emojis? With Gboard, it’s possible! As a reminder, Gboard is the keyboard application developed by Google. If you don’t already have it, start by installing it.

Download GBoard

Configure your special emojis keyboard

Once the application is installed, launch it to activate it. A wizard will show you step by step how to make Gboard your default keyboard.

Then, all you have to do is create your custom emoticons. Launch any chat or messaging application (Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger, Skype, etc.) and start typing.

smartphone emojis keyboardOnce in the input field, press and hold the smiley icon at the bottom left and select “Smiley”.
add custom smiley smartphoneThis additional menu then appears, select the framed icon.
menu custom smileys smartphoneThen scroll to the right to select this icon.
face emoji personalizes smartphoneThe software will then ask you to wedge your face in the center of the screen to start facial recognition and create emojis in your likeness.

A few seconds later, you will have your beautiful personalized emoticons.

Emojis are generated automatically with fairly random results. If the result does not seem satisfactory to you and to try again, you must first clear the cache of the Gboard application. You will therefore have to go to the menu Settings > Applications from your phone before starting the process again from step one.

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