How to create your own keyboard shortcuts on Mac

How to create your own keyboard shortcuts on Mac

macos 2016 iconToday we're going to see how to create your own keyboard shortcuts on Mac. And yes, it is very easy to create combinations to perform keyboard actions in any application.

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Did you know that you can create a custom keyboard shortcut for any menu item on the Mac? You can create key combinations for common actions in many applications, or even for a specific menu option in a particular application.

Obviously, the functionality must exist in the targeted application or applications. We are going to take Rename in the Finder which does not have a default keyboard shortcut.

The technique has worked for over 10 years and is therefore compatible with Mac OS X and macOS.

How to create keyboard shortcuts on MacOS

  1. In MacOS, go to the menu  then in "System Preferences" then in "Keyboard". This is where everything happenscreate mac os keyboard shortcuts tutorial 3
  2. Click on "Shortcuts" at the bottom left then select "Application shortcuts"
  3. Click on the "+" button to create a shortcutcreate shortcuts mac os keyboard tutorial 2
  4. Choose the targeted applications (or leave All by default)
  5. In the title, put the exact name of the menu to execute
  6. In "Keyboard shortcut", type the desired keyboard keys
  7. Finish by pressing "Add"create mac os keyboard shortcuts tutorial 1

All you have to do is try your new shortcut! So, you are going to create which shortcuts you?

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