How to create your documents online

“Google Document and Spreadsheet” is a free online application that combines a word processor with a spreadsheet to help you keep your documents up to date.The people of your choice can also make changes to it from their own computer.• Open an account and start creatingAfter creating for free a “Google Document and Spreadsheets” account (e-mail and password), create documents and classic spreadsheets.You can realize all the basic tasks (bulleted list, fonts, tables, images, formulas…) with ease thanks to the toolbar.You can also import the files that you had created on other software while keeping the layout and the calculation formulas.

• Share your documents onlineYou wish that other people have access to these files?Just enter the email addresses of these people.Immediately connected, they can go to your document or spreadsheet and start reading or editing them.You can also work together in real time.A chat window then tells you precisely what was changed, by whom and when.

• Easily store your dataClassify your documents is child’s play since it suffices to slip them into folders.You can then access it from any computer with an Internet connection.Just enough to log in by opening your account.You can save files in doc, xls, csv, ods, odt, pdf, rtf or html format.

• Publish them online or on your blogWith this application, publish your documents and spreadsheets on web pages or on your blog.Also control their access and unsubscribe at any time.

Find all the useful information and create your account on the site by clicking here.