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How to create a Hackintosh for 300 €

131 How to create a Hackintosh for 300 €

But what is the Hackintosh?

Computers built to run this kind of Mac OS X are also called Hackintosh, another suitcase word from the words hack and Macintosh. Apple’s software license does not authorize the use of Mac OS X on hardware not designed by Apple. Thus installing MAC on a PC is prohibited and above all often inappropriate because it is very unstable. Apple has designed its operating system to operate on a single configuration. Indeed, the range of iMac 27 ″ for example, whatever the price will have the same motherboard. source

The site MacSystem has therefore created its own configuration with parts found on the Internet for a total of only 300 €, which will give you access to the Mac universe with a small budget while having a good configuration.


With this equipment, you will now have a good alternative to the Mac Mini for 300 € as well as the shipping costs. However, for people without the operating system, wishing to add memory or a more powerful processor, it will still be necessary to check out. But rest assured, in any case, you are winners and this configuration is more than enough to use Mac OS X comfortably.


Be careful however to use the components offered in this article in order to have a stable system without kernel panic.

Are you ready to build your own Hackintosh?


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