How to convert your old smartphone into a CCTV camera?

Your smartphone and yes! An old smartphone can do everything an extremely expensive security system can use. Your smart device will allow you to monitor your home, office, etc. and will notify you in case of unusual activity. However, for this you don’t need to spend any money. All you need is an internet connection and a few steps which we have mentioned in our article below.

If you have a spare, unused smartphone, or if you recently upgraded to a new smartphone, you must have the previous one. If you don’t know what to do with this aftermarket smartphone, here is the best solution you can have. You can turn your old smart phones into a CCTV camera that you can use to closely monitor your home.

CCTV Camera is like the 3rd eye of a god. and yes! it always works well. Well if you are at home and want to keep an eye on your personal / kids stuff then buying a brand new CCTV system is not not the right choice.

Also, CCTV cameras cost you dearly because they are equipped with 24X7 working receivers and their equipment. And of course, you don’t want to spend a single dime on such security systems for your personal use. At this point, your smartphone fits perfectly (this is fine if you are using OLD Smartphone with a camera )

Reuse your old smartphone.

You can connect to this smartphone turned into a security camera from anywhere. All you need in your old smartphone to be used as a CCTV camera in your home is for that smartphone’s rear camera to work. If this condition is met, you are ready to turn your old smartphone into a CCTV camera for your home. So, let’s understand the method with which you can configure your old smartphone as a cctv camera in your house.

Turn your old smartphone into a security camera?

Here we have listed two amazing and easy to perform methods for android devices and ios . That you can use on your old smartphone to easily turn into a security camera.

# 1 Download a security camera app on your old smartphone

First of all, you need to choose a security camera app for your smartphone that has the following features: local broadcast, cloud broadcast, recording and storing footage locally or remotely, motion detection and alerts.

Security camera apps for iOS


Turn your old iPhone into a security camera

Step 1- Download a security camera app on your old and new smartphones. Here we will explain the further steps using the many things app which is available on AppStore for free.

2nd step- Now in the old phone go to settings and in the section ” General “, Deactivate” Automatic locking “.

Step 3- Then register or log into the Manythings account using an email address or Facebook account.

Step 4 – In the old device, select ” Camera mode “And in the new device, select” Viewer mode.

Step 5- Now to start the live stream click on the red button on the smartphone being recorded.

Step 6- You can now watch the live stream from the new phone in the list of streaming devices.

Turn your old Android phone into a security camera

Step 1- Download IP Webcam app on your old Android device from the Google Play Store. It is free and can be streamed locally or in the cloud. This allows you to view your live feed from anywhere.

Security camera apps for Android

# 1

Security camera and burglar alarm
Security camera and burglar alarm

# 2

Dormi - Baby Monitor
Dormi - Baby Monitor

2nd step- Now launch the IP webcam app that you downloaded on your old device. Then set your video preferences, effects, power management settings, and your motion or sound detection system as needed.

Step 3: sign up or login to Ivideon and test compatibility and enable cloud feed to broadcast your feed remotely.

Step 4- Now to start streaming click on the option ‘ Start the server ‘located at the bottom of the application.

Step 5 – To view the streaming stream, find the IP address and port number provided by the old phone configured as a security camera. Next, enter the IP address in the web browser’s search bar on the device where you want to view the feed.

That’s all! You can now watch the live stream from your old phone on any device by entering the provided IP address into that device’s web browser.

# 2 Find the best location for your new CCTV camera

Now that you’ve got your stream up and running, you need to find a spot to put your old phone turned into a CCTV camera that can cover most of your house. If you have multiple phones on hold, you can also use them as a security camera. When you find the right location, you can mount the camera using a tripod or a suction cup car mount to keep your CCTV camera in place.

Like all security systems, this CCTV trick also has a downside. Well, that’s no hindrance if you still have a better internet connection. If you cannot guarantee a stable internet connection, you may consider purchasing a standard CCTV security camera.

Conclusion: Here is how you can convert effectively your old smartphone into a CCTV camera for your home. You can now monitor your home 24/7. Using security apps for Android and iOS, you can monitor your personal items at no cost.